Jesus had a tatt

I have heard a lot of religious jargon defining laws and making regulation of behavior simply because they feared man running rampant with sin.  Coming out of religious organization was the best thing I could have done and I knowingly did it despite the rejection I would receive from church folk.  Have I told Jesus to jump off a cliff or take a hike, of course not, but now I simply reveal His message everywhere, not just within the confines of four “faithfilled” walls.  So when I reference that Jesus had a tat after he resurrected, I am often poo pooed for accepting a people group that religious mindsets don’t try to understand.  I’m speaking of a manipulated topic that bears most of its argument based on Old Testament theology from people who lack spiritual eyesight for what Daddy wants to reveal in this hour.  And when I say hour it is because time is a continuance for God, how He sees us today lines up with how He sees us at life’s ending point on this earth.  Nothing has escaped Him nor does it surprise Him when His own reject what His spirit is saying, but make no mistake, Jesus was a marked man with the words, “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” tattooed on His thigh. (Rev.19:16)

To know Him is to represent love and acceptance because His word declares that His children will be identified through their love of others.  That means representing heaven to a world that is identifying themselves as unique.  In this day and age where tattoos and piercings are upon us, it could appear as if everyone is doing it and that the original breath it carried, has faded into a commonality.  However, I believe that history tells us Jesus knew that tattoos and piercings would need interpretation just as much as dreams, and that all existed during His time walking the earth.  Why? Because He in his human form had to exhibit and embody all the markings of life for His people so they could be redeemed in every fashion.

If He bore every mistake, judgment, sickness, lie and oppression for His children but lived without sin, that lends spiritual insight to His exchange of good for evil on all levels. The surface level of our skin has many layers before tissue is reached, yet Jesus proclaimed His love and acceptance of all people when His tattoo revealed His identity. It is the same today as we see people sharing their hearts and circumstances through their tattoos.  Jesus paved the way for them to express themselves with His approval because He set the standard.

Being able to interpret dreams, tattoos and piercings is a prophetic sign of the times. With massive numbers populating the earth during this era, God is using symbolism of His nature through interpretation from those of us who discredit skepticism and follow Holy Spirit.  You can’t shame people for something Jesus Himself did, regardless if the tattoo looks evil, because as a Christian your only job is to love.  That defined, plays out in your ability to flip a negative message for good and see what the underlying message is in all self-expression.  Placement of tattoos and piercings can reveal portions of a person’s identity, creativity, impressions and thoughts just as much as the actual design. And it doesn’t mean you have to study the topic in order to know how to do it, it simply affords you the chance to step out in faith and encourage, strengthen and comfort strangers.  It can be a phenomenal ice breaker to speak the thoughts that suddenly come upon you as you decipher symbols that someone else is bearing.  As you listen to Holy Spirit, you learn how to speak to people in the same ways that Jesus spoke in parables. Because we are each unique, what you are hearing can become a personal confirmation for the one before you even if it doesn’t make sense to you.  The point is to go out on a limb and try tapping into Daddy’s love to propel you into spiritual maturity as you bless others.

This won’t be an attractive evangelistic approach to many but that also lends confirmation to the scripture that tells us, “the harvest is ready but there are few laborers”.  I don’t have time to play church or promote a tradition right now if the harvest is ripe of tatted people who are yearning for supernatural wisdom.  That’s where I am called, to those who are fatherless, abused, anxious or mourning the loss of a loved one, because their expression of that is openly displayed on their flesh for me to acknowledge.  We all need to be acknowledged of our uniqueness and stepping out in faith guarantees a reward for an increase in it.  Matthew 13:10-12 addresses that Jesus spoke in parables because they were secrets for His kids, picture stories that were symbolic of life. To interpret that scripture reference means, “that if you are faithful in small things, you will be given more ability to understand deeper things”.


I want to go to deep.  I am not going to argue with those who quote Leviticus 19:28 where it says, “you shouldn’t tattoo”, unless they want to explain to me why Leviticus 19:19 tells them, “not to wear linen and wool in the same garment”.  Fighting to be right on any stance is demonic in itself and I’m sure those who point a finger at someone with tattoos is the same wearing a blended shirt.  Don’t even get me started on gluttony.  There are more scriptures on gluttony being bad for your temple than any tattoo references.  This too, just points to the sign of the times, that all that goes on in secrecy will be shouted from the rooftops, gorging included.  Obesity is just as easily seen as a tattoo and both could be examples of someone needing understanding.  That should give us all pause before we assume our behavior is better than another’s, especially when our Savior partook in a tattoo and yet did not sin.  I’m not saying I can’t throw down an entire cake and sleeve of cookies myself, but I know the consequences of it are enough for me to know it is sin.  Jesus came back with a tat, never did He condone overeating.

So the  opportunity abounds for all of us to share a prophetic message with people out in the marketplace and you don’t have to be a prophet to do it.  Trust that as you venture out to blessing others, you will learn how to bring Daddy’s glory into situations or stories that would otherwise go unnoticed, and we all want to be noticed as worthy of love and acceptance.  In trusting that God can speak to you, others will be able to hear from Him for the first time or at a time when they need it most.  Do not despise small beginnings because we all have to start somewhere, but do yourself and the world a favor, and get out there to proclaim the goodness of God that is already being expressed without their realizing it.

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3 thoughts on “Jesus had a tatt

  1. I believe people got tattoos in Old Testament times with the names of their Gods on them and for good luck. I don’t think tattoos are sinful either; I just wouldn’t want to take the chance of an infection. I would say Jesus has the marks of his crucifixion on his hands and feet. He will bear them forever as a sign of his sacrifice and great love.

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