California insight

Seeing spiritually means listening to the Holy Spirit’s truth above the media or history that tells a slanted view.  So much about our trip to California this time last year was prophetically pointing toward the changes we see unfolding today in our personal lives.

It seems natural that after a shaking there comes a rebuilding, but my choice of words has morphed into constructing a larger picture for seeking truth; I sense that every time Daddy casts a personal vision for each of us, He parallels it to the events transpiring around us in the world.  This great insight helps us to understand that shaking comes into our souls after a vision is cast because rebuilding our faith is mandatory in order to enter the supernatural realm of understanding the tangible.

Being first on our tour bus set the stage even though we were late. The other couple from Colorado was talking about pot legalization and how it has increased crime.

This weekend bringing rain when there is a drought. Praying for our presence to bring the latter and greater rain. One hundred years to the day, March 4,2016 and we are here. That means everything to me and confirms the prediction of Doug Addison who mentioned March would be kickoff of giving back what has been stolen. Even the rain through Muir redwood forest was mystical and refreshing. Nostalgic.


Listening on tour about the “Great Fair” starting to rebuild the part of the city that was destroyed by earthquake and fire was astonishing to me.  Gas lines busted and so did water lines but nothing could put it out so therefore San Francisco was divided.  Yet, focus on a distraction like a Great Fair keeps residents in denial about an eruption of climatic changes that will again bust at the seams, a prophetic manifestation of truth wanting to explode.

It is predicted much like New Orleans that building on such temperamental ground will ultimately end in destruction. San Fran is 3 years away from that 30 year ear mark of the next earthquake. Every one is prepped for it with home kits but none believe their beautiful state will endure another devastation.

I think it’s prophetic that we are here as history is being changed through the advancement of business that drives housing prices through the roof for the sake of profit at the cost of the original beauty.  Tech industry busing in the workers who believe their bright ideas are the answer for success yet totally negating the consequences of such surges have re-written the vision for Gods foothills.


sanfransisco (98)


Tenderloin being the area government housing took over. Eminent domain encroaching on hills of camp and then teddy Roosevelt declaring it a national monument to salvage it. Certain governmental decrees to “hold order” and determine sacred ground always has an unspoken motive behind it, yet most of these tourists assume chaos won’t repeat itself with technology put in place to supercede natural existence.

sanfransisco (219)


So much about the human condition believing it is invincible even though subtle changes in jurisdiction can bring poverty to the affluent’s front door.  Does anyone question the infiltration of subsidy that supposedly helps homeless people with mental illness?  Will we return home and believe California is as pretty as we imagined prior to visiting knowing the reality that man corrupts God’s plans and scenery with appointed projects meant to sustain lack?

I didn’t realize a land with all the pretty people and pretension actually lived in denial like the rest of the country, co-mingling with politics but negating its embrace of it as the chasm grows larger between the rich and poor.

Will all men suffer should a great shaking occur in the land?  Will not both the rich and the poor need to re-build after an earthquake?  Will Daddy God replace His beauty and history overnight or will a new vision need to be cast for all people after evil has brought destruction?  I wondered about all of these spiritual paradigms the whole time.

1776 Spanish missionaries hold history in Northern California. San means missions and Sonoma was completed in 1812 when vineyards were established, a greater historical reverence than Napa. God originated in these plush valleys yet every year in Paris Sommeliers determine Napa as best wine country because of conglomerate marketing which undermines the authenticity of Sonoma’s ability to create authentic wine.  This is yet another example of eroding the foundation from which greatness is built.

sanfransisco (95)And so the story continues, some find God in nature, some in adventure, some in tragedy. I take my solace in knowing that everywhere I go He is with me.  He opens my eyes to the spiritual war that is hovering over each individual in hopes of awakening their spirit to His protection.  I see and feel the surge of shaking over our country that longs to prepare its people for personal victory instead of belieiving information regurgitated from man.

We are on our own tour with The Lord that prepares the way for hearing His truth even if it comes with warning.  With that, I look forward to seeing how big I am in His eyes the next time I take an adventure, for I am certain my spirit is in constant motion toward His casted vision.

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  1. It is a wonderful thing to think about God being with us each moment of the day. It does seem to me the world is in a shaking time right now. Jesus is going to return soon, I think, but there is prophecy to be fulfilled first.

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