Clean slate for 2017

The close of year 2016, sixteen meaning love, opens us up to seventeen which symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory”.  The one-liner we could all pray for 2017 is “God’s unending love is truly victorious over all things” and that promise is stated in John 3:16.  Much like a “baked on” cake pan, our relationships can become discolored and weighted down with dark debris.  Should we take a good scrub to the build-up, we find a clean slate underneath on which we can use again.

For the prayers that seemed to have gone unanswered in 2016 regarding love, we can await complete victory in our hearts for this New Year.  The darkness of our souls can be washed away.  A great awakening is stirring in the hearts of God’s children, a re-thinking of approaches to relationships that need His intervention instead of our human strength.  The enemy’s relentless schemes and attacks against families manifested in many homes this year where love and acceptance were foreign and replaced with survival tactics.  Many believers suffered at the hands of demonic attack in areas of rejection, isolation, loneliness and lack of communication all with the intent of doom and hopelessness to shade future prospects of blessing in 2017.  Too often we bring our beliefs with us through any cross-over – salvation, deliverance or healing.  If our negative beliefs and thoughts toward those we love have not been lifted up for mind renewal, we subject them and ourselves to patterns of the past which negate God’s power to change our circumstances.  We can begin to mature this year in knowing that the enemy and his demonic army attack relationships because of the potential to find Jesus between our human connections.

Jesus doesn’t make demands on us to spend time in His presence, yet oftentimes we put contingencies on our loved ones to fill our voids by spending time with us when we could find peace in Daddy’s presence.  Without the desire to connect with God, few truly find the depth of love as He intended us to share in.  He is our demonstration of love and acceptance because His greatest desire is that we know Him first to gain self-love before trying to give it away.  It need not matter what church, soup kitchen, meeting, organization or volunteer membership you attend if you have not love, for trying to get along well with others requires that your strength depends upon His love alone.

He has heard the many prayers lifted up on behalf of broken relationships during 2016 and He has stored them up in heaven for the perfect timing of revelation.  He has worked behind the scenes to change attitudes and perspectives about those we have longed to connect with, which will slowly erode division in this coming year.  Daddy is most interested in you putting Him first to allow each individual his own process in building a God relationship.  Therefore do not be dismayed, for His arm is not short that it cannot save even the most estranged relationship.  He is in the business of reconciliation, most importantly you to Himself first so you can be trusted to love those He places in your path.  The beginning of our emotional healing has started to resurrect memories that have held us captive to lies.  Negative experiences between us and others do not demonstrate the truth of Heaven where a greater Kingdom exists.  Therefore, we can expect good things from Heaven to manifest lasting change because nothing bad resides there.

So open your spiritual eyes to ways that friction, misunderstandings, judgment, criticisms, addictions, assumptions, distractions, opinions and self-protective walls will start to fall away in 2017. Love overcomes everything that is lifted up to Jesus for truth and healing, even memories of trauma can become sources of joy once deliberately asked for.   Declare complete victory from your sole responsibility of unanswered prayers because Daddy is waiting to cleanse you from all thoughts of darkness.  Those who have been hurt by your doubt and unbelief in God’s willingness to overcome evil will gain their own two legs to stand on for strength as they turn back to His guidance.  Being aware of who our adversary really is, will allow us to place the blame on him and release the responsibility of others healing to God.  All we have to do is love Him first and then ourselves while expecting His Kingdom to manifest in our hearts.  Twenty seventeen positions believers to overcome the enemy in our thoughts and behaviors so we can have complete victory in our response to need.  Once we own the power of salvation, deliverance and healing in our personal relationship with Daddy, we can expect to cross over from human understanding into spiritual love that is not dependent upon our strength.  Don’t give up because love has always been the answer to overcoming the enemy.

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