Inauguration of good vs. evil

I think about all the good being called bad and the bad getting called good in this era, and I seriously think I was born in the wrong century.  I guess that proves just how much I live in a fantasy mindset because I completely block out the cowboy shootings and brothels of the Wild West, and even though women wore petticoats and carried parasols in the 50’s, their only job was to look pretty and what happened if you were ugly?  I’m glad I wasn’t living in the 60’s because I haven’t met a reputable living hippie who could stay in present time without retelling drug stories, but I was born in 1975 and remember some pretty good television shows that supported great morals.  I guess I’m a sucker for old school mentality and wanting purity to be portrayed through air waves for the decency of our little eyes and minds who are viewing it.  Social media however, seems to be that powerful influence in many lives who seem to have no inner gauge of tact or empathy.  I am discouraged by what I see in my feed on Facebook, but nonetheless it defines the sign of our times, that people generally need to be right and look out for their own views to be heard, whether it is right or wrong.

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