Taxing times under authority

Parables can be powerful.  They should be, Our Savior was the first to speak them with intent.  The messages hidden within the words were meant to draw the listener, the reader, the seer, and the knower into a baffling rendition of what could be interpreted on a surface level.  Jesus was deep and requires that we go deep with Him.  To know Him deeply means that we read His profound mysteries with curiosity in hopes to apply their truths to our lives.  In doing so, we become more like Him, set apart from this world, and able to rest upon His truths instead of jumping to appease people.  Truth be known, once we discover rich meaning underneath the spoken word, Christ becomes our supernatural covering from any ramifications this world could use to control us.

“Jesus confronted Peter, ‘Simon, what do you think?  When a King levies taxes, who pays – his children or his subjects?’  He answered, ‘His subjects’.  Jesus said,  ‘Then the children get off free right?  But so we don’t upset them needlessly, go down to the lake, cast a hook, and pull in the first fish that bites.  Open it’s mouth and you’ll find a coin.  Take it and give it to the tax men.  It will be enough for both of us”.  Matthew 17


When thinking about the irrational authority figures of the world, I got a kick out of this life lesson that Jesus taught to Simon Peter through His parable.  I have dealt with some doozies for bosses, most whom weren’t qualified for their positions but simply worked the networking ways of the world and got promoted because of who they knew.  I have come up against even worse leaders who were running ministries; they would spiritually abuse followers with subtle control tactics, manipulation and behavior that mimicked the world so closely, I felt embarrased to be called a believer.  So much of what our human condition struggles with is the freedom to trust we are spiritual beings.  If the church is too worried about promoting their own ministries, the deep connection to Jesus will be trampled by devotion to organization void of relationship altogether. But when I read the words of Jesus I am amazed at how subtly He suggests a way to fulfill the law of land, much in line with His divine prophetic reason for walking this earth.  His very nature points us back to trusting Him for our protection against the governmental and religious mandates because his fulfilmet of the law provided a way out for us to uphold it.

It’s like Jesus is saying, “Just pay what is expected and don’t get put on the radar.  I’ll provide a way out when it looks like no way because I’m aware of what my children will suffer because of their affiliation with Me.  But, I am the King of Kings and even governments rest on my shoulders.  Therefore, I will never let a weapon formed against you prosper because the land in my Kingdom is reserved for my kids who will reside in Mansions”.  That of course is taking many scriptures and putting them into one, but that is another example of a mysterious revelation that is birthed from His Word.


You and I truly get off free because those who don’t believe will be accountable for their faithlessness.  You and I get to quiet the demands of this world and all debt with Jesus in mind.  We are an extension of His kingdom, heirs under His covering that provides a way for us to seek a worthy payment to fulfill a taxing requirement of man.  Our obedience to what is expected of us, is a representation of another world, a real place where we gain strength to live among others who cant conceive of Heaven.  We can’t partake in responding as the world does because they will use it against us, causing further damage to the reputation of God that the enemy spreads. Irrational taxes, leadership and laws will still have to answer to The King for any way they oppressed the children of God.  The systems which ensnare unbelievers keep them bound to payment of networking, money, scheming or striving where you and I get off free with peace of mind and heart.

Jesus is bigger than a teacher or prophet who speaks in pretty parables, He is The King over all kings and will be our answer in any confrontation against a lesser authority.  I am a child of God with free access to the mysteries of the Kingdom because of Jesus going with me through life’s taxing moments.



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