A Surgeon shares some surprises

A historical account of how politics, feminism, black lives matter campaigns, picketing, strikes, news coverage and poverty have shaped the American mindset to accept activism without calling it hate, was delivered by Dr. Damon Brantley, a black surgeon sharing a message in Camden County of Kingston Georgia. Without a system of accountability, every person makes up his own truth within that system, therefore people suffer.”Trump and Hilary’s kids go to schools our kids can’t, they are members at country clubs we can’t get into, they can get jobs we aren’t even in the running for, yet you believe they have a form of an answer to life that you need.  That there, lys the problem.” (Brantley)  Our society has looked toward the government for answers to life’s problems more than God.

We were never meant to fight for a cause we believe in if it winds up putting down our fellow-man.  With the passing of new laws and changes to our Amendment rights, every opinion will bring new waves of offense if not heeded. The implication that new freedoms are necessary in order to give “beliefs” legitimacy, creates controversy on a foundational level. I wonder what new idea is going to come next, a murder gene perhaps?  Are we going to fight for rights to the point of justifying murder, dumbing down God’s children to being born with a predisposition to hate or; could we see spiritually recognize that dissension is man’s agenda?  How does the saying go, weak men are easily offended?  Let’s appropriate the attack against men of this century; if they are left to criminal behavior, compromising ethics and running the streets than our women have to rise up with undue responsibility and everyone is ticked off because the leaders of integrity and stability have fallen.  Women weren’t meant for combat and we have emotions that can cause us to cry in moments of stressful situations where the men are naturally inclined to stoically succumb under pressure.  That is not being mean, that is honoring the differences of God’s children so we can look to leaders who have our best interests at heart.  Any and all attack against the strength of our men, is part of a spiritual battle that must be taken to the throne room of heaven, otherwise a nation of children will one day govern the land like a modern-day Lord of the Flies novel.

If we miss the freedom to love, we are essentially slaves to a system that wants to pimp us out for their political profit.  We are only as free as the Spirit we feed inside of us.  If we look toward a system that has historically failed its people in the past through deception, destruction and emotionalism, we will continue in the same cycles of hate and instability as we move forward in time.  It will require a people who will look beyond the natural circumstances and peer deeply under the intent of leaders, to hear a spiritual strategy that always reigns supreme.  We are the prayerful bunch who don’t need to be right or to be heard, but our empathy and passion will be felt by everyone we meet.  The freedom of thought and heart we bring to the earth for such a time as this, will catapult a turn back to God that nobody have ever experienced in our lifetime.

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