Calling back relationships

Find out what you want Justice for, and demand that the enemy repays you for every attempt to steal, kill and destroy your life.  Call back every blessing Daddy intended for your bloodline, especially those things that generations before you didn’t fulfill. Come into the courts of Heaven and declare a righteous decree of recompense for everything that has been robbed from you throughout your life.

The enemy only beholds that which he has stolen, it isn’t rightfully his. An injustice has occurred if we have suffered through his schemes of robbing us by having man agree with darkness against us, sin of others against us or our choices that have agreed with lies and sin. Call back lost resources and strategies, springs of life to flow again where hope has been snuffed out. This time period is in acceleration. For as much darkness that is on the rise, the light is rising up all the more. These are times of posturing ourselves for restoration. The enemy assaults relationships first because everything is birthed out of it. Most often we are hurt by people and their choices. Jesus was hurt and suffered as a person. Satan is relentless at striking each of us where it hurts the most. What is that you are contending for? Expect to be thwarted. However, you can also expect to get back that what you lost with a strategy to maintain it despite how the attacks come. Let me express my revelation of how personal I am making my case before heaven’s court.

Rejection has created many injustices in my life Daddy. I decree that all of the injustices that I have suffered as a result of rejection, sin and emotion be returned to me on this earth as it is in Heaven.
Relationships: I first call back every good thing that was intended for me through my blood line; a walking out as if I had a nurturing home where I was wanted by both of my parents and protected instead of abused. That my spirit would accept the protection my grandparents gave me as a covering for what my parents couldn’t provide. I call back a healthy outlook on my worth and identity as if I had never been assigned demonic attachment through rejection or trauma. I seek more revelation of what could have been mine if I would have been loved and therefore, I proclaim that I receive strong self-esteem, confidence, worthiness, self-love and care, determination, purity, godliness, discernment, wisdom, trust, faith, kindness, gentleness, and transformation in exchange for all of the emotional depravity and confusion I received from others and by rejecting and judging myself.

I declare healing and reconciliation between myself and my parents and I want justice to be fought in the heavenlies over not being parented and my childhood being lost as I was forced to take on undue responsibilities. I want justice for every attempt I made to emotionally and spiritually carry my family, adults, friends or partners. I seek recompense for all the moments in my relationships where I did not feel secure or a sense of belonging. When I felt second best, overlooked, in the way, not good enough, like something was wrong with me, that I was stupid, gullible, or at fault because of ridicule, judgment, anger, fear, guilt or shame induced by myself or others, I want justice and a complete 180° in my perception of myself. I want spiritual justice to resonate in my psyche. I call forth alignment with heaven that cancels out all dependency, blame and resentment I have bore the burden of because of mental illness, addiction, abuse and trauma from the people I have loved. I want true love to be given to me, where I do not have to compromise my beliefs or values. I want Dylan to walk into the integrity that I saw in him. I want him to embrace the Healthy aspect of our relationship and find release from all the addiction including how we related to each other.  It is our right to seek wholeness and obtain it.

I call forth our willingness to overcome our past that left us in a childhood state which turned us toward coping through the world. Give back to us our identity in you, established as God stalkers, reaching our full potential in you and together as a couple. Bring to pass a marriage ministry that is a reward for our individual healing process. Give back trust in you so our relationship with you never wavers as it has in the past because of the enemy’s lies, distortion and attacks. I take back this relationship for God and declare in the heavenlies that it does not react to the deception of love through hopelessness. Every attack against our heart through familiar prior relationships was an attempt to cripple us from moving forward, and I ask for reconciliation.

I call forth a banner of love over me that breaks the yoke of times in the past where I was disregarded and put down by others and those in authority. Every gift you have given me that has faced ridicule and spiritual judgment I speak back into freedom of expression and acceptance. Turn around the effects of the religious spirit and how it has created opposition in my past church experiences. Turn around and redeem lost opportunities to minister or have others receive my offerings because of how the jezebel spirit hurt my reputation. Return to me all lost connections with hurting people so I can walk in deliverance ministry; afford me favor and open doors. I want to deliver your people and keep children from becoming demonized through spiritual protection. I agree with the supernatural ministry that you have called me to for the sake of healing many from emotional pain, addiction and abuse. I take back and openly receive the prophetic mantle that I questioned so many times in my past when I felt alone or crazy because of the words and hopes you birthed in me. I call into existence the seer anointing and accept my supernatural ability to enter portals for your assignments. I thank you for those prophetic “happenings” and I agree that it is time I pick them up for the sake of being a faceless messenger called to do your will undercover. I want strategy for what has not been released and I want every new revelation to come forth of how I am to follow you deeper.

Open my spiritual eyes that have been blinded because of facts lying to me and circumstances hindering my heavenly perspective. Increase my third heaven dreams and vision experiences as I request it directs all my decisions. I want to walk in obedience where I have not been able to before. I want to believe prior to having proof of what I ask for, I long to believe and then see my prayers for the impossible manifest. When I have given up on praying for healing or raising the dead, give me a 7 fold return of passion and expectation.

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