The fish were obviously not fooled into eating the small stones that Bill Johnson was throwing at the pond’s surface, so he wondered aloud if they would eat a bee.  After all, a bee has a stinger and it could jab the poor little fishy’s throat.  As soon as the words left his tongue a bee swam over the pond, stopped in flight before Bill’s eyes and dropped into the water to be gobbled up by the fish.  Now that is so Jesus.

Some might say, “Well that’s because Bill is a famous preacher and those things always happen to him”.  I say, “That is to be expected when you live with the understanding that God wants to relate to his kids.”  When I heard that exploit from the stage at Voice of the Apostles this past week, it heightened my expectation of Daddy in heaven.  I know Bill has had a revelation of Daddy’s goodness because he shares stories like that constantly, but he does it so we can relate to Daddy in the same way.  I can experience every miracle, healing, word of knowledge, gift or revelation that Daddy wants to give me because nothing is new under heaven.  He’s been in the supernatural working business a long time!  The small and huge ways in which Jesus speaks to us, or demonstrates his concern over us is too numerous to count.  It’s recognizing His attributes, giving Him Glory for them, and then experiencing more mind-blowing attributes that surpass what we have known, in our future.  If it’s simple and personal it is God just as much as it is in public with the profound.  My own little story of God’s wonder occurred today.

I returned to my former therapist who counseled me when I first became aware of my abusive memories from childhood.  I had stopped seeing her earlier this year after I received some judgmental advice from an acquaintance that a non-Christian could not advise me in life.  Basically out of fear I heeded this advice and acquired a Christian therapist.  Three sessions proved that I knew more about emotional upset and unrest than this girl had experienced in her whole life and I stopped going based on the fact that I felt more equipped to counsel her then vice versa.  On my way home from a healing conference I thought contacting my old therapist would be ok with Jesus since a new relationship with my dad has started and the therapy is centered on abuse recovery.

Walking into her office felt like home.  I sat down and shared briefly about my deliverance, study at Global’s summer school, and the changes in my thought process.  My therapist spoke as much as I did, which made for great conversation and growth.  This time however, she opened up to me about herself.  I shared about my plans to get my Master’s in Divinity for counseling and she shared about pitfalls she fell into along her career.  I left feeling enlightened and confirmed in my calling to listen to and deliver others from negative mindsets.  I knew that my seeing her was not solely for my own benefit, but for hers as well.  I bring Jesus into her atmosphere which gives her permission to walk out in the same anointing as I when I am in her presence.  I watched my therapist speak hopes and dreams into the atmosphere and I agreed with them under my breath.  That’s what God does.  He hears our desires and curiosities, hopes for our future, and He breathes life into them.  For the world, we are His extension on earth and are meant to share a part of Him with them.  She voiced questions much like Bill’s with the bee, and I know my interaction with her was an extension of Jesus to give her answers.

On my way home I was talking with Jesus about a plan for finding a place to live.  It was my intention to come home and write out the pros and cons over specific areas and places, but He dropped another idea in my spirit.  I remembered that my friend Jan who is finding properties for me, said that a stone house was available to rent.  I glanced at the picture earlier this morning and was supposed to wait until next week to look at it.  Jan had called the owner and set up a time for today but the owner called back to postpone until he was available.  As I was scanning the houses on the indicated road I thought, “I wonder if I could ask the neighbors how the living arrangements are since both apartments are in the basement.”  After all, what would it hurt to inquire about the people I would be renting from, and get a feel for who would be around me?  This didn’t even seem logical because my therapy session went on for 2 hours and it was now after 9pm.  But I was curious for some reason.  Never have I approached looking at a rental this way before but I was going for it.  I found the house and walked to the second door where the light was on in the back of the house.  A man approached and I just blurted out, “Hey, I’m a stranger but I need to ask you if you like living here?”  He kept the door shut and asked, “Why?”  I told him I was scouting out the area and believed I was supposed to inquire.  He informed me that this was the actual apt. and he invited me in.

The first question out of his mouth was, “do you want me to be honest?”  I got a sinking feeling and told him, “No, just lie to me.”  He was a simple fellow so he just looked at me speechless until I corrected myself and said I wanted the whole truth.  Here is where it gets good.  I crossed the threshold and immediately envisioned where I could put my retro green fridge that would match the tile perfectly.  I saw the layout and loved it.  The stone fireplace reminded me of my house that I just sold and I was excited.  Within seconds of my observations I was brought back to reality as they shared about water damage, dampness and mold.

Grasp this with me.  I turn down cleaning jobs when mold is involved, even though I could make a ton of money, simply because of my disdain for the spore producing affliction it carries, how much more would I hate living in a place with it.  It matters to Him what matters to me.  I walked around and the couple pointed out doors and walls damaged by mold that I would not have noticed had they not shown me.  I mentioned that I was glad I came by despite the owner canceling.  We all looked at each other and knew the landlord didn’t want me here when the tenants were because the years of complications would be exposed.  Man, God is good.  I started laughing because I knew it was strange that I pursued finding this house into the evening because the couple was moving out tomorrow.  If I missed them I would have never known about the mold and water problems.  I definitely would have rented it as well because of the character, location and price match.  Daddy was answering my wonderment and protecting me all at the same time.  Not to mention, He wanted to comfort the couple from the fear that had set in by choosing to leave and moving far away.  I confirmed their decision being a good one because if He wouldn’t want me here and risk getting sick, He wouldn’t want it for them either.  I sensed He was moving them out because they had grown comfortable but needed a better atmosphere.  The coming change was necessary because they would have settled for less than He had for them.  I declared their upgrade was awaiting them.  The woman looked at me and said, “You need better than this place.”  I was honored in just the ways that I honored them.

I came to my conclusion that this was not the place for me and zeroed in on the wife’s sadness.  I sensed depression, poverty, fear and sickness so I asked if I could pray.  The Lord started telling me to pray increase, health and hope over their lives.  I watched them both start to cry and hugged the woman.  She poured out her hurts in life and the need for Jesus but explained how she blamed Him for her circumstances.  I simply shared what I am so passionate about; how God can’t get His will all the time because of sin and satan, but He still will’s for His kids to be delivered from oppression.  I prayed and another wound would come up, and then I would pray again.  I visited with them for over an hour.  That meeting was just as much for me as it was for them.  Truth was revealed all around.

AS I drove home I questioned myself and why I have to be so bold all the time.  Why in the heck did I have to knock on someone’s door late at night; was I just selfish?  Then I heard a quiet response, “you were listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit.”   Wow.  I can trust in His will and knowledge of what is best for His kids because I may not always understand why.  Why did He make me the type of person who has to sleuth things out and draw conclusions from immense information, only to have my mind blown because He satisfies even my simplest curiosities?  I believe because He is that BIG.  Daddy understands each of us best because He understands where we have come from and shows up in perfect timing to direct where we are going.

All I know is that He hooks me up every time and I’m so glad He wants me to be on the same page as Him.  I feel it is a privilege to be able to impart what I have experienced to others just as Bill Johnson has done on a larger scale.  We each are to be impacting the lives of those around us with God stories, not scripture quoting and lectures, but experiences we have lived through.  I will never be the same again after being invited into a stranger’s house to minister to their needs.  That’s “house-call” Christianity 101.  My wonderment of the unknown brought clarity to everyone involved.  I am beginning to see that I am exactly who God wants me to be and that He has better for us more often than we think.

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