So many political stereo-hypes

Really?  You’re gonna drive a car into the CVS, just so you can steal the ATM?  Are you aware of the stereotype that you are supporting right now?  Black on black crime, instigated robbery because of hardship, one who already receives state and city subsidy, yet you are allowed to bust out the windows of an establishment because you “need money”?   I am your advocate, yet you think because I have a pale complexion and blond hair that somehow I’m against you because I probably support someone you call racist running for President?  Who’s hating who here?  I couldn’t possibly have heard you profess God in front of your Bishop, but then walk away confessing crack sales on the front porch because “money need to be made.”  This isn’t funny, it’s not something to joke about and re-tell for glorification when you and I both know these choices have consequences that hurt everybody.  They are confusing at best and every bit neglectful of the principles preached in the Bible belt, or is that the point?  Are we all just fed up with hypocrisy so much that we are going to take all matters into our own hands?

I am with first through twelfth graders daily who tell me about the mistreatment they receive at home; being in the way, subjected to water and electricity turn-offs while watching their mammas cry over a baby-daddy walkin away.  I’m spending my time as an educator and therapist in hopes of tearing down selfish mindsets that react to trials with faithlessness.  I earn next to nothing by going into city schools, but I’m not defined by the amount of money I make.  I’m passionate for equality and instilling hope into a demographic that takes the blame for the few who break the law. Needing anything doesn’t mean one has to resort to desperate measures to get it, all that is, is controlling ones own circumstances.  I’d like to take matters into my own hands sometimes and whisk these kids away from their neglectful parents, but I don’t.  Instead I teach on how to rise above circumstances and think of solutions that are different from familiar prejudices that history has passed down.

Don’t fall into the pigeon-hole they want you to.  Revolt against a system and stand for the justice you seek with integrity.  Don’t see me as your enemy because I’m a minority in the South.  I am for equality, I just don’t believe it has to be demanded.  When you go against the law and take what you believe is yours, you hurt us all, and you give the system just what they want.  You feed the hate and the politics that only see you as a number.  You allow them to define our country based on the meal tickets they dish out that keep people poverty struck.  Place us next to each other and I will go to bat for you, but I will work from the leading of faith and the supernatural resources available to me.  I will kneel and ask the man upstairs for some wisdom and insight and then I will share the response with you. You may not like extra steps to get where you are going but I will lead by example and be that white chic who completes every task that you have to.  My Bible tells me to become all things to all people so I accept that challenge regardless if onlookers believe I am a traitor.  What I am is a child of my Daddy in heaven, and His opinion is all I’m concerned with.

But why am I concerned?  I’ll tell you why, because these are selfish times we live in. I hope to find others wanting to do the things they hear the Father saying but most believers get caught up in what they see happening around them.  Masses of people feel justified to take life into their own hands by fighting, picketing, and supporting beliefs that benefit them without the consideration that someone else loses, someone else has the ugly stick that will beat a message of “too bad” into their brain until a promise from the White House bails them out.  It is not ok to always look for a bail out.  It is not ok to go criminal.  White, black, purple or polka dot, it is not ok to break the law.   Yet, my own colleagues segregate themselves by explaining, “it is different for us black folk”.  They claim, “the city has to figure something out, a way for us to get money”.  Since when?  I have never had a politician, a city worker or another person figure out my answers to life.  I haven’t had someone “Fund me” for existence or to take a trip out-of-town.  It’s a sad, sad predicament that America finds itself in when mothers support the cause of teenagers busting out windows of a CVS because they are hard up for money and the rest of society looks for someone else to do something about it. Entitlement is wrapped in a package of “rights” that give everyone a reason to judge their neighbor over.

Please stop, do not proclaim righteousness if you are spreading agenda according to your own definitions. A Godless society runs on the opinions of people who believe they are being positive. Positivity is subjective to whoever defines it. Control is easier than faith.  If we had faith as a Nation under God we would get quiet and listen for the still, small voice of reason who directs us toward peace, not argue over what peace looks like.

Don’t you see, the powers that be need us to hate and segregate so they can exist and conglomerate.  As puppets on a string we bend and move and fear our future because of the message portrayed by men in power.  We are not who they say we are.  People were not born democratic or republican, less than or more than, they were bred that way.  Children I teach today are regurgitating the information of slavery and segregation that their parents are passing down.  These kids havent experienced slavery outside of what they have been told. And so here I am, in a Southern town that has no interest in equality because old white money demands I network at church before I’m business worthy, while the city I teach in, threatens my livelihood for educating against slavery mindsets.

Jesus doesn’t allow me to break the law or take advantage of the system just because I’m down and out.  I have to pray and rely on Him to meet my needs because somewhere along the way, after introducing the head start and no child left behind acts, the powers that be, implemented the common core program and God fell out of the equation for answers to prejudice, hate, inequality and decisions where our youth are concerned.  Adults exchanged their faith in God for a government.  Schools became institutions of control that dumbed down curriculum and stole the passion of teaching while blaming its teachers for a parental problem.  The times in which we live are prophetic because the same people who live off of the system, who believe the government holds the keys to their happiness, are the same people who are blinded by their own racism.

I was warned of loosing my measly teaching position because I, “couldn’t understand how my being white was a problem for my black students”.  The same students mind you, who came crying to me daily about going home to abusive and neglectful households.  And yet I couldn’t possibly understand why common core curriculum had me show films about black hate crimes in the classroom that rekindle slavery of the past “during this years election”. I’m certain it is not a mistake at all, because by the time the bell rang, I was cornered and questioned if I’m going to vote for Trump because I must be the racist one out of the group.  These teens question my authority as a teacher based on the negative messages they receive from the media and at home because nobody wants to stop the violence, everyone wants to blame someone else and the generations before them still preach enslavement.  I want truth to expose the manipulation of previous generations that neglected the very children they bullied into slave like mentalities.  You can’t have both, either admit slavery is something you want to stir back up or let these younger generations make up their own minds.  Why not give an outside voice a chance to rekindle the faith kids need to work through hardship instead of surviving the streets?

And why aren’t we discerning manipulation of money? My friends with more money want to fund government programs that sound good but keep them removed from the true test of dealing with the poverty struck neighborhoods I work in. The privileged white woman who gets her kids off the school bus daily without seeing the inside of a city school needs to venture out and do some digging.  Your money that you are so willing to donate isn’t even supporting the original bills drafted by congress.  I’m fighting for second graders to get off meds because their parents don’t want to parent, but your PTA raises thousands for a powder puff game.  Seriously?  A Godless society has taken the place of all initiatives to better our country with a smokescreen of propaganda that reports black on black crime while promoting feminism and every other “right” that gains publicity.  Supernatural anything is squashed because we promote social responsibility for parents who can’t feed their kids because they work just enough days to remain on welfare. Therefore the very breakfast and lunch their kids eat can be chock full of corn syrup and chemicals that guarantee sickness and weight gain.  Will that also be the fault of me, a teacher who deals with effects of such food in the classroom when the kids can’t concentrate and become hypervigiliant?  Or will I then have to send them to the nurse for more meds that are mandated in the IEP because the child becomes the scapegoat?    The governmental red tape keeps me from making any progressive change in a child’s life because it isn’t looking for a cure.  It is looking for white teachers to be supportive of white students, not the black student who shatters a storefront to steal some cash.  The rules need to clear-cut so the teacher will have to answer to someone based on their interpretation of how swayed she can be.  The system is broken on purpose because someone has to be the fall guy whether it is a teacher, a gang member, an officer, a Christian or a child, but it sure as hell won’t be a politician.

People don’t know what it means when Jesus said that the government is upon His shoulders.  It was a prophetic declaration that is being fulfilled now more than any other time.  Even with a heart of justice and love for God’s kids I can admit when a flawed system is working against its own people.  It may appear that liberal programs like providing food for the poor is noble, but it is far from the depictions of poverty in Jesus’ day.  The poor didn’t have access to jobs back then, but today our government has supplied them.  They don’t get to “not work” when an opportunity is available to them, or is that the point?  That is not being poor, that is entitlement and being faithless. Jesus said that, “that will lead to poverty”.

America is living on everyone else’s dime, fully aware that selfish promotion of opinion invites control and wickedness that is far removed from faith.  Judgement against one another stands tall in our homeland because Christians justify personal decisions just as society makes excuses for theirs, all while God looks for a person to agree with His prayers of grace, peace and love.   He isn’t looking to judge us, He wants to free us from answering to each other.

It is not the responsibility of me, the city, donations, funds or the government to supply the needs of others to exist, that is not loving others, that is enabling them for failure. Helping those less fortunate than you isn’t wrapped in a package of sympathy without having walked in their shoes.  Get up off your keester and pray for those kids who sell drugs on street corners, walk into strip clubs and pay a girls wages so she can take a night off from tricks, get to know a teacher who spends half her paycheck on her students who threaten her job and for God’s sake seek wisdom about your role on this earth during the times we live in.  Don’t be blinded by the initiatives of Congress who need you to vote a certain way but have no regard for the wedge it places between you and those who you long to impact. Stop the dissension that covers our land because your “Rights” are best supported by somebody else.  You have more influence than you think, stand up for Godliness and let the politicians and authorities that be, fight for a campaign.  You’ve already one if you relinquish your rights to a loving Father in heaven.

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