Calling back prosperity

HEALTH: I want a 7 fold increase of healing to wipe out every assault against my body and its ability to function perfectly. I expect divine health and seek a return of wholeness in my physical body for every curse, word or assault that has afflicted it in both the spiritual and the natural. Healing is the children’s bread and I have laid down the doctors and medicine for the sake of making myself available to your interceding. Bring forth the recompense to my body for all the pain and suffering it has carried. I want complete mind renewal of any assault, sickness or disease that came upon me because of my behavior, acts of impurity and times I agreed with darkness. I want to feel your tangible hand on my mind as you erase mistakes and lies that have kept infirmity and affliction in place physically. Give me my healings that have been held back by the enemy. It is my right and my time. Enough is enough. I ask for ultimate healing to overcome the depravity of strength I have suffered because of chronic diagnosis that have unknown causes. I look forward to helping others hope for cures of ailments that the doctors have deemed hopeless. I proclaim I will see metal turned to bone, mental anguish eradicated and emotional stability give way to ultimate wholeness.

FINANCES: I seek a return on all I have invested in through my finances for the sake of fighting for justice in lives of others and seeing them set free. I ask for every dollar that I spent for the kingdom to come back to me 7 fold. I ask for the years that I squandered money because it came easy to me, to be tripled as I expect those prosperous benefits to have been a taste of more to come in my future. What you have blessed me with already I ask for 7x the increase so I can become even more generous with my ability to give away. I want to send people through recovery process, college, rehabilitation, and homes that focus on deliverance and overcoming abuse, anxiety and eating disorders. I seek resources that have been bound up to be released from heaven so your kingdom can be revealed. I call back the favor that was placed on my father when he was given land and offered to help build a home. Where he lost the properties that he toiled for and settled for less, I seek the return of Promised Land.

I ask that contractors and suppliers would rise up upon occasion for meeting cooperative needs of people. I seek retribution that cancels all debts that my parents accrued financially. Where my financial inheritance was spent I seek a full return. Where loans were granted because of fraud I ask you to pay the debt. When I was ripped off through greed and manipulation I ask that I receive free shelter, food and clothing just as you have done for so many others I know. If it was good enough and possible for them then I want it too. I want financial freedom because poverty doesn’t equate to humility in my eyes. I want to reap the reward of my labor and benefit because I work unto you. I want a great house that I design and call my own. All the hours and combined years that I had to worry about paying off debt I ask for you to fill the past with peace and make up for the lost time spent on fixing money problems. I accept the favor from my father who received help, resources and financial stability through jobs and connections. For the times my choices turned out to be financial risks that fell on stony and rocky ground, I seek new life to spring up and take root, bringing forth new life.

I seek the opportunity to pick up investments and entrepreneurial business that will produce increase and prosperity. I want all that was generationally stolen from my bloodline to be returned 7 fold. I ask for the year of jubilee to be present every year in the finances of my family. I speak the $51,000 that has been stolen from me over the course of my life to be returned 7x greater. I receive the prophecy that I will have stolen money returned and I thank you. I ask you to cancel all my debt that was accrued with intention to better my life but that resulted in oppression, for houses that I have lost after a fight, for investments that promised to be a sure thing but failed. For purchases that were supposed to fulfill but instead depleted or withheld their promise, I ask for a 7fold return. I want to be deemed a daughter who was faithful with little and trusted with much.

I ask for increase in my creativity so I can write, plan and promote the new ideas that you have birthed in my dreams and heart. I want to see what you see and not settle for lack. Give back to me the writing and dancing abilities that were spoken against by naysayers. I ask for a return of all imagination that was inspired by You, but not believed in by others. Break me out of the box that others have put me in. Ignite my zealousness for creating many things at once to be targeted toward advancement and completion as you use my ability to start new endeavors. I want to see my imagination come to life. Where demonic teachings of vain imaginations have attempted to stifle the personality you have given me, shut them from remembrance. If everyone on the planet knows they are called to be something more, if the world created superman and other heroes to live through, but the religious don’t even embrace the imagination you grow in us, let me point others back to our need for someone to save us. I want to be an instrument of instruction for being the supernatural humans we are because Jesus lives in us. For all the times I was told to calm down I seek it to move me toward the reality I will do greater things than Jesus did. I do not side with Christianity that dumbs down our ability to walk in miracles, speak things into existence, or use the world to advance our imagination and dreams. Where dreams have attached themselves to destruction of possibilities and hindered progression in my life out of fear of looking like a fool, I break agreement.

The way movies speak to me prophetically, the way music inspires hope and the lure each brings to seek for something more, is the beginning of creativity and subject to my using all imagination for kingdom advancement. In times when I unknowingly escaped, fantasized or romanticized about the realities in my life, I ask that You set the record straight, grow me up to see where your hand was on it and where I humanized it. I want all possibilities I have given up on to return under the anointing of your blessing and alignment. You gave us all the capability to dream and expect good things. For all the moments I believed you were giving me something bad for the sake of teaching me a lesson, believing you were taking from me out of harshness or allowing suffering for my compliance, I ask you exchange truth so I can accept the gift of free will You gave us without making you the scapegoat.

Where I manipulated others and circumstances for the sake of giving a testimony, let my mind and heart be cleansed so I seek your will for my life and lay down agenda. For every object of importance that has been lost, I ask for a replacement 7x over. The articles of clothing, gifts and sentimental items that have been stolen, I seek an upgrade. I ask you give back to me the moments in time where I was aggravated and agitated by circumstances and expect that understanding will come in the future. I reverse all ill effects of perception against myself, family, friends, leaders and partners based on my expectations and I break agreement with disappointment, betrayal and lack, in hopes of gaining reconciliation to you, them and myself. I choose to take the high road, the road less traveled by most and become my own best advocate. I ask for recompense of all these things spoken and the many silent prayers of my heart as I lay down my past at your feet. I need a resurrection spirit and life in order to follow the call you have on it.

I ask for all writing, speaking, teaching and business opportunities that were snuffed out to comeback in force for my advancement. I ask that the foundation of all my relationships that have been unhealthy to be redeemed and set upon solid ground. My past is yours, you were there. You are here with me now and are in the process of opening my eyes to the greatness of my future. Just because bad things happened to me doesn’t mean I remain a victim. I exchange victimhood for being an overcomer who cooperates with goodness and expecting it to be revealed. Thank you for the freedom to choose, the ability to choose life and to live it abundantly. It is an honor to come before your throne and ask for the things that were stolen from me to be returned in expectation of having you grant my request. Thank you for telling me to ask you, seek you, find you, and bang down heaven’s doors. Thank you for hearing me, seeing me, and knowing me and still loving me for I am yours, and you are mine. I receive every good and perfect thing that You desire for me.

3 John 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou may prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers.

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