Catastrophic casting

Now I understand that people need a lot of proof to believe in things that thwart their mindsets, heck that is the reason so many people live in denial. It is also the reason why people can’t heed warning, take the advice they give, live in codependence and get offended easily, but for the love of God we need to at least ask questions. This chic covering the topic of spiritual things from a media centered standpoint is pointing out the obvious, that people just drink any juice the media feeds them. If Jesus performed miracles in front of eyes that still could not see, I guess I shouldn’t wonder why people can’t believe in truth when it is revealed.

We will see an increase in censorship and fake news as more people lie about truth in order to convert others to think like them.  News reporting back in the day was to inform the public of actual events.  There are many people getting hurt everyday who will never have their stories told, and then there are those who will exploit others just for a story to hit the news waves.  YouTube has to remove content that brings red flags up to the media superpowers who could risk their influence if people new the truth.

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