What say you?


I don’t know about you, but if I hear someone talking about a blatant lie within an earshot of my existence, my ears perk up like antennas.  I guess I zero in on what people talk about because my parents were always discussing things about me behind closed doors as a kid.  I could lay in bed completely still and slow my breath enough that I felt frozen.  Of course, as a child I believed that if I remained quiet enough, I could disappear or get out of the way long enough to form a plan that would fix “me” before I got into some kind of trouble.  That is what kills me today, I was always a problem for my parents because they never took the time to work on themselves, much less tap into any spiritual healing.  They make claims of my disrespect as a teen yet both of them had disowned me by the time I was 15, what does that say about their parenting?  I guess after all is said and done, Daddy had a call on my life that the enemy wanted to destroy by the time I was an adult.  I was blamed and talked about in my own home, so I naturally grew paranoid about being lied to.  What developed however, was a keen sensitivity to manipulation and deception.  That sucks a lot of the time because I doubt the people I should trust and trust those that are snakes, but one thing is certain, if my doubts prove correct because I get confirmation from the person himself, I do not get burned a second time.

The things I know directly come from heaven, sometimes I’ll actually see a word on someone’s forehead.  But most of the time I’m sensing something icky and deceitful, then I’ll ask Daddy to remove it if I’m perceiving negativity based on my childhood perception.  Should my hunch grow stronger or remain steady, I trust that He is confirming the information I’m hearing so I can pray.  Now most of my attacks have come through the very people I help, sow into or have invested interest in.  This occurs because I know that most people don’t intend to hurt others, so I give them the benefit of the doubt.  In recent years however, I have learned that my ability to hear the hidden message of someones conversation is for my benefit, not theirs.  Through my study of piercing, tattoo and dream interpretation I have learned that my own tragus ear piercing, was a sign of the call on my life.  What most people misjudge about me and others who empathize with wounded people, is that we hear the brokenness of others because it speaks loudly to how we see ourselves.

In my quest to counsel friends, family and professionals, I have been able to share what Daddy has spoken to me in a way that shields me from the criticism of others.  I have become an advocate for myself as I discern truth from lies and learn to trust who Daddy has created me to be.


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