Hurricane Hermie

I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut about politics simply because I think it divides people instead of helping them, however, faith is a different story.  I have a brain cell, I’m not going to quote scripture to others or swag my finger in their faces if they have a different perception from mine.  These days I like to listen to what other people say and hear the underlying message.  Anybody who shares his opinion usually divulges their position on a matter based on experience.  Experience, unfortunately, is not always founded on truth.  Take for instance the recent Hurricane Hermie, it was an expected storm sent by God that caused chaos based on other tropical storms of the past.  The past to me is nothing more than a clue to the potential of our future, but always with the hope to equip us for an up-grade.

My beef was with all of the people who assumed mother nature is God, and therefore attributed the threat of destruction with my Daddy in Heaven.  The majority of the population in the South vocalized their thoughts with fear, anxiety and hopelessness for what they thought mother nature was bringing through the hurricane. If it was left at that, I would have been fine, but when many couldn’t differentiate between God the Father and mother nature, I had to clarify if I was in an earshot of any scapegoating. Blame the torrential storms and mammoth winds on mother nature please, because that is not the term for God anyway.  Mother nature is a scapegoat for agnostics or athiests to blame Daddy for destruction and devastation.  Even insurance companies make claims after natural disasters to be “an act of God”, that should be a clear indication that He is getting a bad rap for something He wasn’t even apart of.

Jesus quieted the storm when the disciples were responding in terror to the rising waves.  He even questioned them, “where is your faith, and why didn’t you open your mouths?”  (emphasis mine)  If He went before us and said, “greater things will we do in His name”, after He rose to Heaven, then we should be able to respond just as He did.  Fear is crippling and it’s confusing, it halts our ability to hear and think spiritually.  It certainly won’t equip us with authority to speak to the storms in our life if we believe God is behind them.  How is it, that common belief has erupted in labeling mother nature, a storm of the enemy, to be equivalent to Our Father in Heaven?  Lack of understanding that Jesus spoke peace to the chaotic fear of the storm, allows those who don’t know Him to mislabel Him. Mother nature is indeed behind natural disasters because it is man’s way of explaining what is out of his control, making it far easier to agree with popular opinion and excuse the enemy from taking responsibility. Jesus’ peaceful nature cannot orchestrate a storm.  He is not both good and bad, He is what settles our spirit in times of turbulence.




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