Sexual Hang-ups with church

I am opinionated for sure because I have lived a full life.  I could go home to The Good Lord a happy daughter today, but I have two purposes on this earth left to accomplish; first, to educate believers about their need to be delivered of the religious spirit and, second, to dismantle lies about sex being the drive behind the religious spirit.  Sex has been perverted by the enemy since Jesus’s day but we can thank centuries of the religious spirit gaining ground to cast the blame off of itself onto sex because it is out in the open today.

With talk about transgender and homosexual marriage, Christians get side-lined by their own critical opinions and completely miss discerning the emotional issues that get tagged with demonic assignments when people are children.  That means all children are susceptible to identity distortions because ALL people will spend their life on earth figuring out who they were called to be based on the events that transpired for them before the age of 9. It is the hope of the believer that God will offer us more than salvation because deliverance and healing are equally accessible.  It is Daddy’s job to deliver His children who long for a deep relationship with Him while discovering there is more than what we see in the natural realm.  We are not defined by what has happened to us or by our sin, regardless if that message is preached from pulpits.  Sex could be breaking out in bathrooms across America and it wouldn’t prove that it is the worst sin, it would highlight a bigger problem than lust and promiscuity, it would be exposing the acceleration of the religious spirit.  But, believers  in this day and age think demons are only found in Third World Countries and therefore fight battles with anger, activism and taking sides against a world who has the same problems that they do, the religious spirit, and it is blinding everyone as sex takes the forefront.

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