Suggestions for substances

It insults my intelligence to assume that I need to view prescription ads while watching tv. to insinuate it is my norm. I remember when this brainwashing tactic for the average person began some 10 years ago, and I’m even more saddened now that mainstream marketing has pimped out medicine and made people mindless when going through adversary. Being in touch with body clues are at a forever low now that we have pills to pop so we don’t have to face natural realities of emotional strain and denial. And yet organic everything climbs, is anyone else scared of the great economic divide and symbolism?Part of trusting in Daddy is not allowing any system to usurp His authority in our lives. I made the medical industry my God for years when childhood abuse started manifesting in my adult years as nerve pain and the consequences of unbelief had me trapped in a temporary fix. Opiate and prescription drugs are no longer meant to heal but to maintain as business majors surge the pharmaceutical companies with great economical gain. I spoke with a drug rep the other day who laughed about the ignorance of physicians who need him to describe the uses of pills that he drops off. He blantatly said that he poses as a doctor just because he studies a business model to sell his product. I often thank The Lord for setting up roadblocks to my working in this arena and for allowing me to finish nursing school without needing to practice it.  Had I followed the money and media trail I would have compromised my faith in a healing God.  

See the below depiction of one of many side effects that the silver screen has captured for our entertainment.  I pray that all the lies being thrown at our senses on a daily basis will eventually be exposed. 

4 thoughts on “Suggestions for substances

  1. I love your post. I’ll bet you’ve noticed that the insidiousness of big pharma has gone as far at to insert at least one prescription drug commercial per break. My favorite: the commercials for Movantik and Relistor for opioid-induced constipation? Really? FIrst of all, opioid painkillers are now the most abused prescription in America, especially among the 18 to 25 age group. Opioids are actually counter-indicated for treating long-term non-cancer chronic pain. As our youth become addicted, they gravitate toward heroin. A stamp-sized bag, the amount that killed Phillip Seymour Hoffman, costs an average of $10, whereas a single tablet of oxycodone costs $12 to $40. So, first, we need to STOP prescribing opioid pain medication for long-term non-cancer pain. It is actually not effective, and typically leads to opioid addiction in the long run. So I must say I find it particularly amusing that the pharmaceutical companies are now admitting that chronic use of opioid pain medication causes constipation, so they’ve developed another pill to combat a blocked up colon. Certainly can’t advise stopping the oxycodone!

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    1. Wow you and I could cook up good conversation. I may just write about my experiences helping people detox from opioids. That Andreson Cooper guy did a show about their necessity and tried to blame people for being addicts when hello, the pill needs to be popped first. I thank the Lord for keeping me out of pharmaceuticals because I tried when I was younger. Your info here is really good , thank you for taking the time to respond. Blessings

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  2. You are more than welcome. Please take a quick trip through my archives when you get a chance. Do a word search on heroin, opioids, opiates, teen drug abuse. We all need to get the word out. Big Pharma couldn’t care less if oxycodone and other opioid painkillers are highly addictive. Oh, do a Google search on lawsuits relative to the drug companies failing to disclose just how addictive these substances are. By the way, I was angry and depressed for three days when I read about the overdose death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I loved his acting. He dabbled in heroin during college. He was clean 20 years when he decided to do it “one time.” Now he’s gone.

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