Sex Series, Impotence of the Church


Sex is a hot topic, always has been.  Even in Jesus’ time adultery, concubines, polygamy and homosexuality plagued people groups.  We even read of rape in the story of Tamar, yet people think our sex issues have suddenly emerged as technology increases and abuse abounds.  My beef will always be with two fundamental issues, the religious spirit and unwantedness.  Basically, both prove that a lack of love and acceptance ruins a life at any age, but especially in formative years.





2 thoughts on “Sex Series, Impotence of the Church

    1. Thank you, I have really clipped my material because I do t want to be an ass. Could you or have you already written about why you game? My boyfriend does quite a hit of it and I find myself getting aggravated by its intrusiveness. I feel it taps into his addictive lean and I do t want to be presumptuous about my beliefs.


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