Unwanted children attract Spiritual strife

Have you gone to the Doctor and filled out a medical form before?  Most of us have, and the questions asked usually help the Doctor detect if you have predisposition to certain ailments based on generational lines from either one of your parents.  Psychologists usually start with questions pertaining to your background and surroundings that were influenced by your parents and family.  For just about every niche of studying the human body and what could be upsetting a patient, few questions lead back to if he was ever wanted in the womb.  This is a very personal subject to me as I was unwanted and lived through a myriad of emotional and physical problems that nobody could diagnosis.  I have shared an 8 minute snippet on how these foundational beliefs from either parent can gravely affect the life of their child in the womb.  Topics cover gender, transgender, promiscuity, un-wantedness and demonization.


YouTube, Angie Andrews Eyesight

2 thoughts on “Unwanted children attract Spiritual strife

  1. Love = unconditional.
    He knew you before you began.
    Grace and Love = acceptance.

    Great post on a controversial subject, but only controversial as many feel a need to judge. Love and accept all.
    Love your posts and insights – makes my brain tick over.
    God bless. 🙂


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