Start from the beginning

“Gangs, group activists, or any movement seeking recognition of its own kind, will offer a new family for one who has not received love or acceptance in his own home. They provide the follower with new people to worry about him, to offer him advice, to cry with him, and importantly, to hold him and touch him. Those can be unbeatable attractions”. “The Wish to Be Held,” Archives of General Psychiatry.
Without the blessing and demonstration of acceptance and love at home, people tend to look for it in all the wrong places. Today people suffer with psychosomatic disorders at an all time high because they perceived themselves as being unloved or overlooked as children. Self-protective measures keep multiple generations in isolation, hiding behind family secrets and striving to correct feelings of failure.  What has evolved is a perpetuating problem of childlike mindsets fueling those trapped in adult bodies. Everywhere, people are crying out to be loved and accepted and most settle for conflict and confusion because the fear of being rejected again, is too high. Blessing has the power to break all curses, but it must begin with those whose touch lends healing from the hope of heaven instead of gaining need. I have witnessed too many fall into the arms of another or subject themselves to shame and guilt because a parent didn’t protect the child’s mental purity. As a child of Christ I hope to attract the hurting and reinstate a bloodline that is thicker than any generational lineage.

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