Systems stink


When disillusionment with government, church, medicine and education sets in, just say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you”, to God for the reality check. I have weeded out many people who really needed me for their own purposes or who usurped the voice of God from speaking into my life. I was hoping humans could lead me to the answers my heart needed and teach me the depths of understanding my Father in heaven. It wasn’t until all avenues of effort and friendships failed me that I got alone with Daddy to solidify my identity in Him. Systems are not the answer and neither are the people implementing them. Now with fewer distractions I can hear Daddy’s voice and follow His direction alone. I am no longer filtering out half truths and agenda from people’s jargon, those seeking fame and fortune in ministry or an alliance to support their cause. The systems at large breed dissension because religious spirit is behind it all, yet most believers are powerless under its demise while it keeps everyone dependent on the authority of another’s decision. Authentic relationships are costly and rare, seldom operating from need. Jesus prophesied through example that “being church” will require relationship in the midst of the worlds systems and not succumbing to them. He associated with twelve men for fellowship and kept two close to His side for deep understanding. Build your core foundation upon the peace dwelling inside your heart and let those who want to join you on your journey come and go without expectation, then watch how your walk with Daddy solidifies. Walking away, after all is Biblical if the people don’t want truth. Jesus had to leave cities where His miracles were not believed. Share your heart with Him above all else and seek a trust in Him before the “systematic” remedies that breed disappointment.

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