No logical expectations

“Everyday Jesus faced the false expectations of the people.  It was not the things that Jesus did that caused the religious world to reject Him as much as it was the things He didn’t do”.  {Codependent Christianity}

What Jesus didn’t do, is give you your ailment.  Jesus didn’t allow a child to die for some great lesson.  Jesus didn’t keep you from that relationship to build your character.  Jesus didn’t abandon you during your abuse, or when your friends turned on you, or when you suffered through a great tragedy.  What Jesus did do, was help you put the pieces of your broken heart together afterward. And He did that because He knew that the enemy, Satan, would sling mud and cause you to question where He was at.

Remember this, the world feeds sickness, death and sin, Daddy does not.  Jesus has no part in the destruction of man and isn’t able to shield us from it all the time because He loves everyone enough to give them freewill.  What Jesus did not seem to do for you, most likely has everything to do with the state of our fallen world today.  Blame the enemy of your souls, not the healer of your souls.

This snippet reflects on these truths.


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