PTSD lands on wrong shoulders

When I realize in the spirit realm that a new wave is emerging in the world, it is usually because prophetic insight is addressing a foundational issue.  PTSD is first and foremost a strategy of coping that occurs because the person has suffered a trauma and is re-living a portion of it at present time, usually accompanied with manifestations of angst and distress.  What kills me is that for far too long it has only labeled veterans and never correctly labeled children who have suffered abuse.  Instead, PTSD becomes an elusive measure to claim someone  “isn’t dealing well with the past”.  I agree, which is why I ask the question, “Why are we misdaignosing abuse with PTSD when children are telling us in their behavior that the past is being re-lived?”

This is a short clip covering the blessings that occur after inner healing is addressed.  For us to be human beings, we must accept that everything is spiritual and sometimes we don’t have to do anything but receive love from Daddy in Heaven.


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