narrow is necessary. 

We heard, are hearing you in TEXAS – May the lord God Bless you and keep you, shine his face upon you and give you and all your family and friends peace. Ms. “A” thank you for the video post. PLEASE keep them coming………also, your testimony(s) are important. They, (your testimonies) are encouraging to everyone who is in a similar situation, or some LIKE situation in the future. Also, for me I always had have an intuitive mental response, meaning that you fall into that rare category that Christians cry out for every day. Your testimonies/Teachings are believable. You are teaching, giving and transferring hope that too many with your video post. You always come across as authentic, as you are traversing from the natural into the super natural. Demonstrating a day/moment that you are using your relationship with God of the universe and intertwining this supernatural into a natural situation. ***Thinking of the time where the woman was binging (Eating Disorder). You speak about reality and truth as naturally as the rest of us drink from a bottle of water. Again, this is one person’s opinion. When, you explain the situation and explain the difficulties attached to said reaction this is a great tool. In other words you just told other’s THEY, are not alone. How, this is going to create a possible situation that is uncomfortable for your friends and family. For the reader and casual observer this is an adrenalin filled moment. Yet, for the student of super natural the reality is there can be a cost when you work with the boss. Still, you tirelessly segue between the testimony that is in part teaching, in part story telling and unmistakably explaining the relationship between the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is real and is for “ALL” whom are willing. We the people are a brutal group of the naysayers and some that are fueled by the dark whom cast their stones and these judgments can be relentless. This is not a road, this is a narrow path. Thank you for your blog, and film(s) and know this is the Work of your ministry. Truly, I ask God to bless all the work of your hands. In the name of Jesus be blessed. Holland Undy

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