Love and therapy

For most of my life I have felt like second best, always striving to earn acceptance and love. I don’t believe I am alone in this which is why I use my testimonies as a platform to relate to others. In my search for significance I have sought therapy from a number of sources. My counselor whom I have had for years had graciously continued services over the phone when I relocated. Many thought is wasn’t wise that I sought help from a Jewish psychologist but it has afforded me the richness of Godly insight all the more. Her understanding of Daddy God relates to my personal interest in behavioral study and she has walked with me through intense times using compassion and love to point me toward Christ. The other day she told me how I was the single most profoundly changed person she has ever counseled and that she doesn’t worry about me because of my solid faith. She felt it was time that I knew someone put me first, so she chose me as her 1 st client to do pro- bono work with. Her words were, “you are my first choice and first person to walk through transformation with because I see a difference in you”. I can’t even express how this affirmation allowed me to heal all the more because I was obedient to the Lord’s leading me to such a person few could condone. That’s pretty much how it is with me, doing what Daddy says in the face of opposition and misunderstanding so I get blessed all the more. It’s nice to know it was a set- up all along.

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