Vexing vaccines change the classroom

I was an autistic therapist 18 years ago embarking on a career that I believed would allow me to heal families. I felt in my spirit that autism would become an epidemic but was naive of the great influence vaccines had on its propulsion. When I started working with twins who were both diagnosed with autism I saw the terrible amount of stress that the parents were under.  I observed hostility grow with each new suggestion of problem and an additional modality from my therapy team in which to tame the symptoms.  It didn’t add up to me, making parents not only responsible for genetically passing down this disorder, but then using government and educational red tape to further bind the parents in a ball of mandates.  If Daddy told us to procreate and it says in His Word that children are a blessing, why would he blame his children and afflict theirs?  The devil’s job is to create chaos and suffering and he does that through sickness and oppression. Therefore it doesn’t make sense to scapegoat Gods children with the responsibility of any disorder “genetically” because that would mean the curse comes from heaven, a direct contradiction of any religion who emphasizes a loving God.

I have had dreams that confirm my hunches often, but that is because I trust faith guides my discernment. Consequently my dreams often lead me to make tough decisions.  Shortly after practicing autistic therapy I dreamt that ‘I would witness the emergence of this man-made tragedy that would afflict God’s people and destroy marriages but my influence would be with those whom He would lead to me.  I would not impact the masses but be used to heal the aftermath of broken homes’.  My conscience became heavy when I returned to my practice and I had to walk away from the dogma of studies, research and beliefs that my colleagues stood on because The Lord was preparing me to become a truth seeker.  I had no idea that I was about to embark on a journey of suffering but it clearly revealed that my God was not the one who would cause it.

I got a flu vaccine in 2009 that debilitated me from a neurological standpoint, but was dismissed by Doctors as they over-prescribed numerous nerve blockers and antibiotics because they had no source of origin for this dysfunction. In 2012 before I went to India, fear was introduced as I had no official records of getting a polio vaccine as a child. Fear of sickness and harm gave way to my falling for the pitch of prevention by the medical system and my nerves started to over fire as I sat in the chair when the serum was injected into my arm.  Now after watching countless parents see a dramatic change in their children’s responses, sometimes grave and debilitating, I can confirm that what has happened to me, TWICE, and thousands of other people is indeed a spiritual affliction manipulated through suggestion.

My boyfriend at that time and I started to ask Daddy about the original onset of my muscular and joint pain that sometimes caused my bones to crack as I dropped to the floor.  In the recent past Dylan had to physically pick me up and place me on the toilet, clean up after me and hold me as I shuffled back to bed.  Fibromyalgia, lupus, lymes and hypothyroidism were some of the favorite bogus terms I heard spoken over me by the medical professionals.  Due to the fact that gynecologists were treating my psychosomatic issues with pills for Step, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections and nerve damage from childhood sexual abuse, it was easy to view me as a disturbed patient with phantom pain.  Side effects created the need to prescribe additional meds which only complicated my ability to discern what complication piggy backed off the other.  As my pain rose and dropped like a roller coaster for 3 years, I finally stopped all meds in 2013 and began to allow my body to reveal pain naturally, so I could pray through mindsets that were connected.

I developed a chemical sensitivity that causes adverse reactions in my body whenever I take medicine now.  Unfortunately, but fortunately, this has caused me to research holistic remedies for pain relief and trust my body is talking to me when it acts up.  It became imperative that I focused on my emotions as a connection to flare ups,  in order for me to dismantle the lies I had believed about being incurable.

I know now that my having been the guinea pig for so many Doctors after getting the flu and polio vaccine, was actually for my betterment.  I am not the type to let a system or conglomerate headship taint the truth because it is endorsed by money and business.  I have daily journals of my up and down progress over the years that Daddy used to heal my disappointed soul that bound me to emotional lies. He finally brought breakthrough for greater levels of physical healings this year, nine years later, but nonetheless it feels like an awakening.  I have no qualms in sharing my opinion over this hot topic that influences our land.  My personal account comes up every day in my workplace and it confirms that spiritual, human beings, need wisdom when tackling controversial issues.


Almost immediately after Dylan and I asked for clarity and strategy on my one day forward, ten-day backward cycle of bodily breakdown, I had three confirmations from people whom the Lord put in my path.  Of course, I am open about my journey and the hope to find a cure through professionals who were suppose to know more about me than I did.  So it came to no surprise when Daddy revealed that I allowed the medical system to usurp His authority.  It also did not surprise me to meet three other women who have suffered first hand from the vex of a vaccine.  The first teacher I met had a daughter who was double vaccinated for school and never the same again.  She remembered the glaze that came over her 2-year-old infant that gave way to diagnosis of autism that followed with years of treatment in hopes of reversal.  The second special education teacher whom I befriended, had been a nurse prior to entering the classroom.  She had to get out of medicine because she witnessed the change of cognitive response in so many children after a vaccine that she couldn’t deal with it.  The clincher however was when one of the teachers reminded me about the Maryland woman, Desiree Jennings, who experienced similar symptoms after getting a flu shot in 2009.  I instantly saw myself back in Maryland where I was born and raised, standing in the line for a flu shot among a bunch of elderly women who were equally afraid as I was of getting sick during the winter months.  I wondered for a second if any of them passed on after receiving theirs, especially if they were already weak and feeble.  My mind returned to the classroom as the teacher showed me a news article from that time in history that marked my life. I gasped at the confirming news because my Daddy in Heaven brought the source and origin of neurological pain to the forefront.  Within three weeks three random meetings brought me the insight I needed about myself from the Great Physician Himself.


I am a different person altogether all these years later and living in the South has opened my eyes to the spiritual realm of oppression in a whole new way.  I would know more take anything for free now, than believe there is a man on the moon.  I actually had to pay for my injection of poison, but today every pharmacy is advertising the government sales pitch of free health preventives.  It is a scary time we live in when droves of people take all they can get.  I see welfare and medicine being passed out to the poverty struck people on a daily basis within the schools. My eyes have been opened to a very real cost of taking something for free, but my personal testimony of suffering is not heeded as a warning from the recipients who have swallowed an entitlement remedy.  Therefore, reasoning and teaching has become a thing of the past and the systems at large have usurped the average persons ability to think deeply on a matter.

About 72% of my students who have autism started showing signs immediately after their vaccinations.  The inner city jurisdiction where I substitute doesn’t even know how to handle a child with emotional disturbances unless they are medicated. When I asked for a show of hands with a fifth grade class of 27 students to reveal who was on a med for ADD, ADHD, or another diagnosis, 24 of them raised their hands.  Vaccines just don’t introduce an irreparable problem they require that children be medicated on top of it to treat side effects passed off as prognosis for a lie disguised as a disorder.

These very real, life altering vaccines are an agenda to keep population in check and dumb down citizens so they lose their right to choose in a country founded on freedom because medicine is easily manipulated to control them.  In Satesboro Georgia there are 13 opiate rehabilitation centers with a city population of only 30,000.  I have helped loved ones detox from suboxene because their Doctors prescribed it in negligence for the monumental financial kickbacks.  The same psychosomatic disorders that I was labeled with are now being addressed with Oxycontin, xanax and percocet.  You can’t tell me that ADD, ADHD, Tourette’s, or Bi-polar patients need to be medicated with such potency, but when I speak of this with most teachers it seems commonplace.  Many parents who teach in these public schools say they accept the changes that this generation brings for the medical advancement, as if the children were born needing all of this fixing.

Denial is a powerful force and it has become the normal face of complacency instead of addressing that vaccines give entryway to more medicine that don’t even cure, because vaccines can’t be cured.  In fact they make children dependent, alter the chemicals in their brain that stunts their growth, create behavioral disturbances and eating disorders, as well as create initiatives for fighting a disorder that is majority man-made, fully aware that other prescriptions only maintain sickness.

There is a greater demand to mainstream these children and a subsequent need for government to dumb down curriculum while increasing teacher responsibility to increase test scores. On the level of classroom, teachers are burning out because discipline problems accentuated by the vaccine and medication mandate, are never appropriately addressed. Dysfunction among disability groups are on the rise because systems at large have created the perfect recipe for it, creating medical hysteria but blaming teachers for not being able to handle the number of IEP’s and their checklists.  This epidemic of pill popping and deeming education its remedy, all caters to fear in adults who are overwhelmed by children who become the scapegoat, the problem or the reason for their own frustration. Many parents who have lost hope in rearing a normal child gain false peace when their child is quieted in front of video games and reality television.  If I had a dollar for all of the children under the age of 10 who are schooled by technology I would be able to fund counseling schools that give parents and teachers hope for meeting their own emotional needs first, but that would be too hard for most. The in-road has to be with the children who are glazed and hazed by medical, educational and emotional trauma.  If truth exposed the heart of those grieving something out of their control, everyone in service industries could fight from a spiritual standpoint and pray it back.  Unfortunately, the parents who don’t pray will rely on teachers who don’t pray, and both highly influential parties see the child before them as hopeless.  Make no mistake, this is one of the secret goals behind mandates that put undo responsibility on humans after a negative spiritual condition has gone undetected and manifested as an epidemic.

After speaking with the third teacher and taking a step back from all of the facts that have impacted my personal life, I have to praise God for His answer to the vaccine-educational cycle.  He has opened my eyes to His power to overcome all pain, emotionally and physically, once wisdom and revelation are accepted.  It is very possible to educate parents, teachers and loved ones about the positive life that can be lived with children of disabilities, even if it was unjustly introduced.  That awareness however, will have to begin with trust in a Father who grieves the hardships of medical consequence just as much as we do.  Once we take our eyes off of the pain and look up for strategy and hope, He can ultimately reverse the long-term stigma that could define behavioral responses.  I no longer put stock in any system being my cure now that I understand it cannot be the perfect remedy that Daddy can.  Dismantling fear and replacing it with faith from this moment forward is not denying what went wrong in my past, it’s accepting that my future can overcome a prognosis and reveal truth for more than just myself.





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