Help yourself

I’ve been told that my helping others has been a distraction from working on myself.  Geez, isn’t the best remedy to inner healing trying to help someone else heal?  What about getting out of my head and focusing on the welfare of another?  That has to do something for lifting the doldrums, right?  Well, not exactly.  I am only as good at helping others as I am at helping myself.  If I’m not able to give self love than I will not be able to lead others into it.  If I help other people I may realize that my problems go away for the time being, or I feel better about myself, but I must look at why I need a reason in the first place to NOT look at my hurt.  I ear so many people say, “get over your past, let it go”, without even directing us to the original source and origin of our pain.  It takes courage to face memories or events that brought trauma and disappointment, and it is certainly more than just remembering it and praying a blanket prayer of forgiveness.  It will require you to feel the hurt and then hand it over to Daddy.  I am definitely not a proponent of moving forward without addressing what has truly held you back up until now.  Something causes you to feel worthless, out of control or run ahead of Daddy’s timing.  Something makes you feel the need to help others so you distract from what needs to change in yourself.  That something is honesty.  Honesty means admitting that you can’t house people under your roof until you are ok with then thinking for themselves even if it is the opposite of your view.  Running toward God for relief from the lies you tell yourself will free you to give away the love from Him that you receive.  Until we help from a standpoint of invisibility, without the need to feel good or to be recognized for “doing” good, we should rest in “being” good with God in His presence, alone.   I think if we should work on our own wholeness, then we will really be a force for the Kingdom.FullSizeRender (1)

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