Retelling of Prophetic Accounts

Back in January of 2012, I asked the Lord to help make me more tolerant of other Christian views who had not “advanced” to my understanding of the supernatural.  I had grown to cling to my own types of teaching to the point of not being able to pick up a “normal” Christian book that was absent of my theology.  Being at Global Ministry school has been a direct assault on my “beliefs” as being the “better way”.  I had grown weary Friday night as the second week of school came to a close.  Contradicting theologies from different speakers made my head spin and I told God, “I’m taking a break from this tonight to search out what you want me to glean from each individual that we heard from.”  Then I got re-invited to go to a church that meets in a barn way out in Chambersburg Pa.  I had an attitude and wasn’t in the mood to minister, but Holy Spirit was calling me there.

I drove with Ron and Linda and talked about places to go for healing after the school was over.  I was told about a prophetic deliverance ministry in Georgia, where Ron was from, that could help dismantle habits, hang-ups and patterns that I seemed helpless to do myself.  I called the ministry to inquire if they had openings for a counseling session, but they explained it was a weekend retreat and booked solid until 3 months later. Without hesitation, I reserved my spot for the first available weekend, even though I felt deliverance hadn’t worked for me before.  Somehow however, this appointed time of being among other believers seeking supernatural understanding, gave me hope for a breakthrough I was on the cusp of.  I was encouraged by the time we arrived at the barn to persevere for my trust in God being able to help me.  I had a boost from our conversation and my scheduled trip to the South, but was still exhausted.

We walked into the church and the people were gathered in a circle for prayer.  I immediately had a word of knowledge for the group but hesitated to share, then Trina handed me the microphone.  I was so hot and sweaty from Holy Spirit hovering over me, that I just started praying and watched two lines form of people who wanted prayer.  For each person, God told me to prophecy over them.  After many had started to cry or tremble I started asking if that was confirmation of accuracy over their lives.  All confirmed yes and it increased my faith to be able to hear from God tremendously.

I must have prophesied over 30 people and remember their responses vividly.  One particular girl I heard God talk to me about in this way, “I see her as a doll, and doll collectors put their dolls on pedestals and showcase them for all to see.  They are beautiful and meant to be cherished.  You are God’s doll.  He wants to place you before many and put you on a pedestal because you walk so humbly before Him.  He sees your quiet spirit and He knows your fervency for Him.  You are mighty and will be exalted because you do not seek ministry from pride.  You are a true servant and I will lift you up.”  I saw the book of Revelation open up for a man there and the Lord said, “I’m taking you into a new revelatory realm where you will see the 4 creatures and operate under a new dimension that you have not experienced.  There is more for you to encounter, beyond your comprehension, ask me for the insights into your book of Revelation for me.”  I didn’t know he was a pastor but he validated me and honored my gift of prophecy.   There are so many stories of this awesome night to share but this would be a lengthy testimony.  Just getting confirmation about my hearing from God was enough for me to have gone home happy.  But there is always more!

We then faced each other in two lines and encouraged the Christians new to prophecy to try it out.  Here is where my life changed.  None of these people knew me and were brand new to prophecy, but they heard directly from God for my life.

Prior to coming to GSI I was given a word that I needed to unlock my heart so that the Lord could heal it in three places that I have closed off to Him.  That rocked me because I thought I had given all of myself over to Him.  I was also prophesied over that I would be healed through worship.  Seven times in three months I have been prophesied over that I would be making jewelry.  And here at school a very significant prophecy was that my relationships would change, little things about the way I carry myself would change in relation to men and that I would be different before leaving GSI.

The first word given to me was “persevere”.  I thought, “of course, I’m not going to give up now.  The next word was “key” and I knew it directly related to the word I was given previously about unlocking my heart.  Then I was told, “The Lord is healing you in this season and is uncorking your heart and is able to fill it with His love.”  Awesome….then I was prophesied over that I am a teacher and would be  war-like dancing with my friend for our deliverance.  She also said that Jesus said, “Be anxious for nothing, it’s no sweat.”  I immediately felt excited for my week ahead.  The next prophecy was that I am electricity that brings the light and energy to a room and I will go into places and bring electricity from Holy Spirit with me.  This was followed with more prayer for increased prophecy, the words “prophetess”.    Someone else heard that I was to physically stomp on the devil.  Very powerful since most of my struggles have been in the mind recently.  And finally I heard this, “The Lord is showing me ballet slippers and He says you have been on “pointe” in graceful movements up to now, but I’m exchanging those shoes for combat boots.  You will move into war-like dance because it will be a prophetic act of worship that will bring deliverance to the people around you.  You have a spirit of Deborah and will free the people.”  I almost collapsed under the heaviness of the Spirit.  This final blow was confirming that I will be healed and with it delivered from attachments in the spirit realm that attract the wrong relationships.  God was giving me a glimpse of what my inheritance is for me and His people.  Before I left I was given a book about the power of our words which was another gift from God because He has been telling me for two weeks to only speak truths…….I am healed in Jesus name.

The following day, Saturday, we had an evangelistic outreach in the highest crime district of Harrisburg.  I worked together with this guy on our team named Tamar, and he told me about the spirit of rejection he saw on a girl.  I went over to her and since we have had days where we get prophetic words for people with tattoos, I zeroed in on hers.  She told me she was abused and that her ex-boyfriend tattooed her when he left her for dead.  I knew then that the “spirit of rejection” was dead on.  She explained that she had it covered with the names of her kids and I started praying when she finished.  I led her into breaking soul ties and forgiving those who abused her in her childhood.  Everything was accurate that I was discerning but, because of her great pain she expressed no outward emotion.  I started to prophecy what Jesus was telling me about her and how He wanted to give her a godly relationship.  I spoke life into her and she was thankful that she pulled her friend over and asked me to pray.

I did not expect what transpired. I turned to a pregnant woman sitting under a tree who had three young children with her.   After introducing myself she told me her name was Felicia.  I put my hand on her belly and started relaying what God was downloading to me.  I can’t remember everything but I know it was all about provision.  He even gave me a picture of her standing in her kitchen and I described a recent incident.  She was crying and said, “How did you get in my brain?”  I assured her that Jesus was speaking and she shared a life of trauma, abuse, abandonment and current homelessness.  This was a “now “word for her.  She said she wasn’t even going to get out of bed today but she was so glad Jesus had the ladies at the shelter prompt her to get out in the sunshine.  I led her into forgiveness of the church.  She had accounts of spiritual abuse that cost her some of the same peace I lacked due to serving an organized methodology from believers who judge just as harsh as the world. It upsets me so much to see lives destroyed because Christians place human characteristics on God and make Him just as judgmental as they are.  Any time one person is applauded for faith it creates strife in the atmosphere for others to follow suit, it reeks nothing  more than a spirit of poverty producing shame among those who quietly suffer because they feel inadequate.  This woman had believed the lies of satan for years, that God couldn’t bless her because she was living in sin, and her church friends gossiped about her reaping what she had sown.  I apologized for those Christians who did not realize what they were doing to her, or themselves for that matter.  Then  I clearly saw a highlighted map of the United States and the dotted line on a road led her to all the states she had searched for shelter and then to each state thereafter.  I heard the Lord say she was to be a prophetic evangelist and she laughed because it was something she had always wanted to do.   She stayed under that large Oak and rested for hours after that before she left.  She left a hopeful woman!

This awesome Australian guy named Clem and I, prayed for this woman’s rotator cuff because it had been causing her pain for four years.  I asked what started it and she immediately knew it was stress and could describe the moment when pain onset.  We prayed for the pain to leave and watched her eyes bug out of her head as she spoke in amazement of it feeling 80% better.  She showed us where the remaining 20% of pain was and we prayed again.  She was so excited she kept repeating herself, “I knew I had to come over here and get prayer.”  It just taught me so much about our seeking the Lord out and how generous He is to those who chase after Him.  She came for her healing.  She sought out what she needed from the One who could meet that need better than any doctor.

This morning I knew I was called to go to my friend Lisa’s church because I want to minister God’s love in every way I can.  Zac, whom I’m staying with during school went with me.  It is a bi-lingual church and in the heart of the ghetto.  We walked in and the Holy Spirit was so heavy on me that I had goose bumps from the moment I entered until I left.   Worship was laced with shouts of exaltation and about 10 other Global students joined in with shouts of praise.  I asked God to give us a chance to pray for these people because we needed an opening.  The Pastor asked for all those who felt free to come forward.  I went up praising and then turned to see who needed prayer. I started with the ones who came forward and I spoke exactly what I heard God saying over each one of them.  I then started going into the aisles and praying over the people God highlighted to me.  One girl in particular I knew was longing for a touch.  When I began praying for her, I told her that I knew she was hoping I would pray for her and she just lost it.  She started crying and I relayed God’s message of finding her beautiful despite what she thought about herself.  He told me He wanted to pour into her broken heart and make up for the years of abuse.  He was giving her back her dignity and washing away the insecurities.  A girl next to her was praying and I just touched her hands and she started jumping so high and violently that I almost couldn’t stand.  I had never seen someone manifest like that before nor had it happened because I touched their hands.  She fell to the ground in peace and I just sat there, praying over her.

By the end of service the pastor pointed to me and asked me to pray for a girl who was at the altar crying.  I got many pictures of her inner struggle with negative thoughts; even suicide and I spoke close to her ear as I ministered freedom and explained that the Father was touching her brain.  As soon as I broke the spirit of religion off of her she fell to the ground and all crying stopped.  I prayed in the spirit for a while until I felt it wasn’t necessary anymore.  Many came up to me and asked for prayer at the conclusion of service.  So many women were lonely and hopeless.  We brought them the truth of joy in the Lord and they were free.  A young woman needed healing for her ankle and when Zac and I prayed she was healed, and then we moved to her neck.  She received prophecy from the team and was greatly encouraged by the time we were finished.  As Zac would say, “we killed it”, meaning of course, it was a great time.

Going into the final week I was expectant of so much more.  Jesus is moving among us and changing us from the inside out.  My perspective on life and how I want to approach prayer has radically changed for the better.  I’m embracing my natural prophetic self and seeing that healing, teaching and writing are drives for me because I feel Holy Spirit powerfully in those moments.  This is an environment where the supernatural is normal Christianity.  Because of the connections I have made here, I look forward to further deliverance in Georgia and expecting greater insight for setting those caught in shame and sickness, free.

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