Spiritually connecting to heal the female body

Spiritually Connecting to heal the female body

Cyclical ailments have always run on a predicted path for me in my body.  It is the single most confusing and gripping area of strife in my life, one that is familiar and daunting.  I understand the anger that manifests in other people when they are in pain, because I know it all too well myself.  After years of scheduling three or four doctors’ visits in a week I relate well to some of the most afflicted patients out there and have even had my chart flagged in many physicians’ note for being a hypochondriac.  Now, being on the other side of relying on a practitioner to be my God, an “end all, be all” for my prognosis and cure, I have nothing less to stand on but God.  In recent weeks I have remembered symptoms that plagued me my whole life and I have seen the keen awareness my body has to holding memory within it.  I have never hidden my constant struggle with pain and mysterious aliments that move from one body part to another, but now realize my speaking about it can bring comfort to others.

I had a friend who was my gynecologist for the two years leading up to my discontinuation of medicine.  I could text her at any time and she would schedule me for a visit within 24 hours.  I became dependent upon her authority to diagnose my trouble, treat it, and offer another anecdote when the symptoms would return.  Nothing healed my condition.  What did happen was an exchange of knowing myself, for belief in her knowing more about me than I did, because she was the doctor.  I fell into a codependent trap that I see so many Americans fall into.  Due to the worlds systems and how it creates a hierarchy of dependence upon professionals and their link to pharmaceuticals, which define a dependence on someone other than ourselves to find answers to our questions, we are usurped of our authority for self.  I’m speaking of the questions so many of us have about why our bodies break down and fall into similar feelings of pain.  We know ourselves best, but often give up on our own ability to trust ourselves when someone else trumps our “feeling or sensing” with a textbook answer often void of emotional correlation when diagnosing.  Many times the Lord is speaking to us through the Holy Spirit and we have the ability to trust ourselves because of who He is in us, therefore it is okay to lean on His understanding even if it doesn’t make sense to the Doctor.  His children know His voice and many have walked healing journeys alone because they heeded His leading against popular professional opinions.

“Dorothy Woods Smith had polio as a child.  She worked for years to strengthen her legs and learned to walk without braces.  Many years later, after becoming a nurse, educator, and consultant, she developed “post-polio” problems.  She developed muscle spasms in her back and legs.  She had to draw on her years of experience to recover.  She now writes articles about recovery from what health care professionals may inaccurately believe are a hopeless, debilitating condition.  She talks to physically challenged people about giving up the false comfort of magical thinking, no longer empowering the doctor, nurse and therapist to make our choices for us, and learning instead to join the health care professionals as partners”(B.Siegel, The Survivor Personality)  Dorothy empowered herself by taking former moments of pain and reusing her overcoming ability from those instances to prepare for the next battle ahead.  She forged a plan of recovery based on being her own best advocate; she used the past as education for how she could heal in her present and live a future helping others take responsibility for themselves.

My doctor friend did me a favor when she started placing boundaries between her and me. I no longer got responses from my texts and found myself having to call her office to schedule visits.  Upon arrival of my visits I was ushered to her colleagues who dealt sternly with me, saying that antibiotics don’t cause yeast infections and that further visits would need to be scheduled for follow ups despite the fact that previous methods that were tried and failed yet repeated, somehow were my fault.  The assumption that repeated issues were because of my own doing caused me to ask myself questions, only they were rooted in shame because I had to sleuth out what I was doing wrong to contribute to my own sickness.  This kept me bound to a habitual cycle of figuring out what started my symptoms and how I could have caused them, totally negating the spiritual aspect of evil assignment, curses or demonization.  In fact, when I mentioned that Christians can face opposition from demonic attack that was welcomed through trauma, I was warned that a call could be made to a mental hospital.  The mere assumption that my ailments were held in place by evil intent, even from a Christian nurse, was unfamiliar in the medical industry.   This catapulted me into seeking relief from pain by dismantling a demonic root.  When I finally sought help through a prophetic deliverance ministry and learned much of my thinking needed to be revamped following the deliverance of demonization from control, I still suffered sickness in my body, but to a lesser degree.  This gave me pause, and I realized that freedom from within often changes one’s expectation of commonly expecting hardship.  He whom the Son sets free is free indeed, and I could no longer blame my demonization for sickness. My belief system was challenged after the strongman of control was dismissed and now I was left with myself.  The bondage was in my thinking.

John Evans taught people with illnesses to stop asking, “Why did this happen to me?” and just describe what is happening.  He teaches them to replace the question “why do I have this illness?” with the statement “I have this illness.”  He says, “Once clients can throw away the ‘why me?’ question they are on the road to aiding their own healing.”  I can attest to this exchange of victim thinking for overcoming thinking because I had to first accept my physical suffering.  Comparing my inability to do normal activities with others who could, only made me feel more hopeless.  I would take the statement, “I have anxiety right now” and end it with, “but this too shall pass.”  Reminding myself that I have had many bouts with anxiety but made it through them, empowered me to look underneath the question of “Why?” What was deeper and fueling my why? Did I need to forgive anyone?  What lie am I believing?  Is this manifestation of pain familiar?  What do I believe this problem says about me?  Do I believe I made myself a target for spiritual attack by focusing or speaking negatively?  What does that say about me? Is there a correlation between my body pain and sharing insights revealed by God that He meant for me to pray quietly about?  How does that make me feel, to know “I should have been quiet”? I found that these approaches didn’t have to find someone to blame because I could take responsibility for my feelings that surfaced and hand them over to God.  Anxiety is often the culprit behind many physical ailments that can be triggered with a thought.  The Lord says to be anxious for nothing because He knows why we are the way we are, He just wants us to ask Him for truth to dispel lies.  It is His responsibility to uphold the promises of His word which tell me that as I look to Him I find strength to carry on.

With pain being a subject that commonly went through my thoughts, I was more responsible for my peace if I quickly recognized I felt like a bad person, did something wrong or it was my fault; I could then place those lies in His hand and stop the cycle of negative thinking.  Since everything that has occurred in my life up until now has a determining factor on why I believe the things I do and how they have misguided my decisions based on experience, the best thing I can do is change my thoughts.  After all, the only debilitating issue is the thought, but a thought can be changed.  I suspect that all therapists who have studied behavioral modification techniques would be surprised to find that the truth begins in the Bible where we are told to “cast down imaginations and take every thought captive.” The original strategy against runaway thoughts was given to us by our Father in heaven where scientists, psychologists and medical experts have gleaned foundational information; they have the choice to hold that practice up to the obedience of Christ or not.  But make no mistake, truth brings freedom and thinking on the truth has the ability to change one’s words, thoughts and self-talk for true wholeness, and it has always been a precedent set by God Himself.

A Frenchman named Emile Coue created a mantra for his patients to live by.  He found that if they repeated a mantra such as, “every day I am getting better and better”, they were more successful in overcoming disease and sickness than those who fought their prognosis with sheer will.  He determined that strong conscious effort, which is defined as will-power, can create a reverse thought in imagination.  Saying, “I will get well”, can easily be side lined by imagining the circumstance to grow bigger.  From a spiritual standpoint we know vain imaginations are those whispers from the enemy that ask, “Are you sure, what if you don’t get better?”  He concluded that the will and imagination can become at odds and eventually vain whispers win the war in the battle of the mind.  This law of “reversed effort” has kept many people wavering in their hopes for healing.  Since we are aware that an undetermined mind is easily tossed back and forth, we would fare better by seeking truth behind our thoughts that cultivate emotional unrest.

If we ask God to take our thoughts and pinpoint the areas of belief that deplete our hope, we can break the cycle of shame, guilt and regret that bind us.  Freedom can manifest as we walk in grace through our process of healing rather than walking a tight rope of striving and perfection.  Wholeness takes time but can offer lasting effects if led by the Holy Spirit.  Projection of how long healing takes, based on our cooperation with worldly anecdotes, dismisses the need for God to be our Great Physician, and assaults our faith with hope in a lesser god, an idol.  As with anything, once a law has been put in place, breaking it disrupts the positive expectation it was trying to promote in the first place; people often succumb to feeling like a failure because they missed the mark.  This in a nutshell is why religious and medical strategies work hand in hand to point out the person as the perpetrator against trusted methods, and the system remains the authority.

In my case, I did whatever my doctors told me to do, at least for a while.  I took the meds and buckled down on my behavior, changed my diet and kept up with visits.  Because my personality seeks information I did my own research and talked to other women who couldn’t get over emotional strife when linked to ailments that had unknown causes.  My female pain was escalating and had been deemed chronic by a number of specialists. As the symptoms changed or morphed I noticed a hypersensitive response emerged when I read about them on medical internet lists.  Every time I found two or more symptoms describing another attribute to a hopeless condition, I was weighed with more hopelessness.  I didn’t want to be told what to do anymore by a doctor who was guessing, or assuming standard measures would have to work with me.  I recognized my thoughts were giving credit to the enemy because I believed he had more power to afflict me than the Lord did to heal me.  I had to address the drive in me that was seeking a remedy and exhausting hours dedicated to finding answers.  My friends in similar situations said they didn’t care about the different treatment plans as long as the doctor was prescribing something.  That didn’t work for me anymore.  My thinking was disturbing me, “why am I settling for internet information and doctors to be my answer?”  In order to stop the confusion and anxiety I decided that I needed proof something was going to help or not consider it an option at all.  I determined that what was good for another might not be the best for me.

I wanted complete restoration so I started doing things that the doctors told me I couldn’t do.  The nerve that was damaged in my reproductive system was linked to my nerve in my legs which kept my adductor tendon from healing, so I decided to run.  The same nerve gave symptoms of tingling in my back and arm, so I started lifting weights.  Due to the amount of stress I had over being bedridden every three days, I had acquired hypothyroidism.  My sleuthing out spiritual beliefs in connection to maintaining illness uncovered that all of these were founded in self-hatred.  So I took communion twice daily for two weeks and sought a steady exercise regimen that allowed me to pray at the same time.  I let go and let God direct a healing path for me that stopped those symptoms as soon as I did the opposite of medical advice.

Studies show that “differences in patients stem from differences people experience about how much or how little control they have over their lives.”  Some people believe they are controlled by outside forces like when I gave the enemy power by believing he had the authority on my pain and the doctors were the authority for alleviating it.  I easily switched into the other belief cycle where I became responsible for whatever happened to me because I didn’t follow strict protocol.  Nothing has been more rewarding than seeking what I could not do for myself by laying down the control of my life.  Control played my friend at times and became my greatest foe at others.  For me, I could recognize an outside force was real and that it pitted me against myself as well.  This dilemma slowly started to fade as well once I was delivered by the demonization of control.

After I was delivered from this control spirit, I realized its entry was through my sexual abuse which started at the age of 3. I had to accept that no amount of medicine or procedures, promises or potions were going to heal my emotional trauma that gave way to self-defeating mindsets. I had been on 37 different prescriptions for anxiety and every antibiotic and bacterial med known to man.  It was time to start living and stop placing my faith in a system that offered me a maintenance program at best.  My ability to stop taking the prescribed medicine opened my eyes to true healing.  I could recognize that much of my fear was wrapped up in mistrust of knowing what I needed.  It was hard to lay down my instinctive mode of swallowing a pill for relief in body and mind, but a rewarding and unique process all the more.  It has been a three and a half year walk of recovery since the day of my demonic deliverance which has afforded me the ability to own mistakes that can lead to physical repercussions without having to place moral judgment upon myself and keep thoughts of fear and doom in place.  Sometimes a decision backfires but it doesn’t mean I’m a good or bad person because it turned out to be the wrong one.

Without a doubt I have had the discussion of female problems associated with UTI’s, Bacterial vaginitis and yeast infections with over 400 women in the past two years.  The number one connection to symptoms manifesting is always guilt, shame and fear associated with sex.  The sex could be through an affair, a one night stand, ex-boyfriend, current boyfriend, husband, friend or consenting choice, but once a regretful thought enters the mind, the sex becomes the problem.  How many friends have you heard say, “If only I said no, or waited until we got married, or I didn’t drink so much.”  Those thoughts don’t even scratch the surface at the next one hundred thoughts we compound because of feelings.  There is no such thing as a woman describing itching, burning, swelling, redness, discharge, inflammation or painful urination without a back story that led up to the day we started feeling miserable.  We don’t deserve to come down with a yeast infection after every period.  We don’t deserve to make ourselves sick with worry because we forgot to use a condom, and that’s exactly what we do when we worry, we get sick. We connect on an emotional level and we associate our pain with being avoidable had we made the right choice and taken the “responsible” precautions.  Unfortunately, that subjects us to the world’s top two systems of function: religion and medicine.  Religion says, “If you wouldn’t’ have had sex than you wouldn’t be suffering right now”, that may be partly true, but it’s founded on the law of religion that judges a behavior according to fault finding. Making sex a moral issue gives all the credit to the accuser who always says, “It is bad”.

Dare I say religion is founded in dissension, because it always divides?  The enemy is the voice in your head speaking, “I have a bacterial infection because I had sex.” Jesus would never say that to you, He would be concerned with why you say that to yourself and exchange it with hope for your future.  Jesus isn’t religious. Religion always swags the finger in your face and says, “I told you so, now look at what you did”.  That’s why nobody changes when they are told that they did something wrong, religion condemns and heaps guilt, shame and fear.  Reminding someone of their mistake doesn’t love them or persuade change, it just reminds them of what they already know.  Medicine says, “now that your suffering, there is nothing we can do to reverse the progress in motion, but we can offer a pill or strategy for you to best cope with this either temporarily or for the rest of your life.  After you trace back your steps to a weak choice or a moment where you let your guard down, you are reminded that the one in the white coat before you knows best how to help you with your life because obviously you can’t be trusted with it.  So the Doctor rides in on his white horse to rescue you temporarily because he doesn’t have time to hear of your emotional struggle unless you want to pay for two patient visits.  Yet, down the hatch does your pill go only to cause 10 extra side effects along the way.  But don’t give up just yet, because if you’re a good patient you will follow all of the protocols and take other pills to offset the reactions from the first pill, and if you don’t, well I guess the responsibility lands on how bad you really want to utilize all of your options.  Schedule another appointment for follow up and try to relive your stress level. Both religious and medical systems fuel the need for people to execute knowledge over other people who believe they lack that same knowledge=codependency.

After you have attempted all that the laws of religion and medicine have tried to lord over you with, your hope faded with their empty promises. Somewhere God illuminated lies which kept you bound to a legal right for pain, your desperation for relief morphed into trust for His cure, and empowerment set in.  No amount of textbook training or study will pinpoint your emotional gauge and suffering toward the source of affliction in your body better then you.  You have to decide to listen to what your body is speaking to you and stop praying for it just to pass.  If your vagina is screaming and you have spent years routinely medicating it with pills or creams but avoided the emotional baggage of fear, shame or guilt that comes along for the ride, it is time to take authority over your own body.  To be your own best advocate you have to muster the strength from Christ to exert self-care to the best of your ability.  Girlfriend, that means feel what is going on in that heart of yours, those repetitious thoughts of “deserving” what you are suffering with.  No Doctor has a pill for a broken spirit.  It is in your brokenness where physical symptoms attack your spirit, soul and mind with the intention of stealing your time in a specialist’s waiting room and prescription lines, your money on exhorbonate bills and meds, but most of all your peace.  That is NOT your lot in life.  Daddy God fashioned you in perfection with the intention of you living an abundant life protected from darts of negativity that the enemy would shoot at you.  Tap into your physical pain and command your body to reveal its source of strife, feel it and then hand it over to God.  Fixing it, wanting the Doctor to fix it, or hoping someone else’s prayer will fix it, will never bring you into the relationship where Jesus intended to cure it completely.  He is your rescue.  Seek His strategy as you invite Him into your problem.

God’s truth always opposes the accusation we hear from those afflicting us, lording over us or lies we tell ourselves.

I speak from experience no doubt.  If I had a theme to describe my life prior to deliverance I would have titled it “affliction”.  Even after my deliverance I have had to contend for my healing, but I can do it from a place of peace because I have felt pain many times over.  I always joke that I have a high tolerance for physical pain but nearly self-destruct under emotional pain.  In all seriousness, it is my experience with physical pain that can offer me insight and peace should I let it.  In fact, I was worse off when I allowed my gynecologist to be my diagnosis and treatment.  I became co-dependent on her to become the remedy that I needed while oftentimes handing over my right to ask questions because I didn’t trust myself.  I had landed in the stir-ups so often that I allowed her to usurp God’s power to heal me.  Anytime we allow another person to be the voice of reason and truth for us instead of being led by the Holy Spirit for cooperation with truth, we are usurped by that person.  My affliction was allowed its legal right to rule me because I allowed the medical system to be my God and voice of reason.  I let my thoughts of fear give way to seeking relief from pain instead of wholeness, a temporary anecdote instead of dealing with emotional entanglement.  I foresee this becoming a growing problem among Americans as they seek relief from pain more desperately than revelation of why it is even there.  Jesus said the truth shall set you free, isn’t it time we seek answers to emotional pain through love instead of condemnation?  Condemnation brings death and cannot guilt anyone into truth because it is temporary; any insight gained becomes the law again.

The importance of recognizing that our emotional well-being is inter-locked with physical healing is upon us.  I find it beneath God’s nature to make us so complex yet subject us to pill popping as a simple remedy.  Most of the time Doctors are coming up with more and more strains of contagious bacteria and illnesses because the whole earth is in acceleration.  As the darkness grows the light should be getting brighter, therefore I don’t sit under the authority of any system that is contrary to Daddy having the final answer.  In recent months I have had memories surface that remind my body of the emotional suffering it had endured when I was younger.  This theme of affliction hovers over “body memories” and can even cause symptoms to flare up during seasons of the year where trauma was experienced as a child.  Our body is a walking clue as to what we need.  Fundamentally, we need to exercise our needs by admitting what they are.  Some may need to start saying, “NO’.  Others may need to stop going to the Doctors.  Still others may need to stop seeking healing through denial.

For as many ways as the brain tries to cope, it was never designed just to get by and live in survival.  Too many women have bottled their pasts and are experiencing them in the present with no hope for their future.  When I saw the memories in my mind’s eye from childhood show me the pain that I have always carried associated to sex I realized my symptoms of pain can be spoken too.  “I am not that overpowered little girl anymore, I choose to be healed”. I can accelerate my healing today by declaring it in the atmosphere, “I am suffering from the effects of abuse but I am healing all the more!”  A nurse who was doing my annual gyno exam prior to my deliverance asked me if I had ever been touched as an infant.  I was shocked at her exact accuracy and asked why she would think that.  She commented that I had no symptoms of bacterial infection, only emotional manifestation of undealt trauma.  She got me in touch with a rape crisis center that started breaking down the aggression I had stored up in my body that created pseudo symptoms of vaginal infections.  Without a doubt I was normal in this respect because ailments associated with female dysfunction often are rooted in abuse and prolonged through belief; it is a growing problem that accelerates with each new generation.

For every unknown bacterial infection that went misdiagnosed by medical professions, the church was diagnosing it as a lack of faith if I wasn’t healed. Neither system was able to speak to my heart about what I believed or thought about myself.  To deny that I hold rejection, anger, injustice, unworthiness, shame, guilt or fear in my reproductive system is to deny my chance of wholeness.  The symptoms of any UTI, Bacterial infection or yeast infections always lead me back to the emotional pain I endured during childhood abuse.  They are clues that I have an area of hurt in my heart that reveal I am still remembering what happened to me.  I believe these clues are a direct response to barrenness, pms and hormonal dysfunction for many women.  Statistics only reveal that a growing concern of depression demands our attention, they don’t reveal the origin as abuse in childhood or being unwanted in the womb.  I am not an expert, just an overcoming survivor of circumstance who grows stronger in my faith for healing as I trust God to continually unveil connection between symptoms and thoughts.  It is not anyone’s fault that I still suffer in my body due to past memories. For every memory that comes to the surface I forgive and remember a new one.  This is the part of working out my salvation that brings me into deeper understanding of loving myself and those who have mistreated me.  I do not condone a blanket prayer of forgiveness over any subject that is multi-faceted through repeated sin; it is layers of revelation concerning the same subject that will often stretch us to forgive multiple times over, this is the path to inner healing.  I know that either on earth or once I reach heaven, I will be completely healed of the effects that this world brings.  What is my responsibility is to accept that people will let us down without trying to deny it. Denial is different because it keeps me focused on taking the pain away and moving onto what will make me feel better until a different circumstance in the present triggers that familiar spot.  Acceptance allows me to diagnose the problem, pray and let God work out the details.  Regardless of how I lived, do live or will live, He is still big enough to heal my heart where condemnation remains.

We are not our sin.  We are not our mistakes.  We do not have to re-live physical ailments that remind us of a memory in the past.  I was 32 when my memories came back to me about sexual abuse starting when I was 3 years old.  The emotional pain lingered for years and destroyed far more than one body part.  It crept into my stomach and bowels creating problems with digestion.  I had headaches all of my life, suffered with an eating disorder that demanded 9 months of hospitalization.  I can re-count every time I was unable to walk due to pain radiating up and down one side of my body.  I sought deliverance because I was convinced that affliction was my lot in life, both emotional and physical.  But now I am on the other side of deliverance and much of my symptoms are gone and nightmares of walking on tight ropes across rapid moving bodies of water have stopped.  Until the day of your deliverance, you can still exercise your own authority and seek emotional healing that will ultimately dismantle the fear, shame and guilt which makes you sick.  That is truth.  Call it what it is if you are feeling fearful of being trapped.  Speak to yourself and say, “I know you are fear of entrapment, but I have felt this before and survived.  I choose to break agreement with you.  I am no longer trapped.”  Then you must ask Daddy for what you need.  “I need healing of every ailment attached to this emotion of fear and I expect it because that is Your hope for my life”.  Then keep asking.  The Bible says, “You have not because you ask not”.  Keep knocking on the door of heaven for your continual emotional healing.  Everything thereafter is just a symptom.

I do not take meds anymore and when I resort back to it I often get worse.  I will be providing lists of holistic remedies that have helped me find relief of my symptoms associated with chronic female problems.  I will always relate our well-being back to looking within for clues from the past, to what is upsetting you in the present.  There is always a source and origin of thought and belief attached to any ailment.  I’m a big proponent of what you take in through your senses.  I listen to secular music and often find intense revelation in the lyrics that I trust God uses to calm my spirit.  In the same respect I get rid of toxins that persuade me to react negatively or hopelessly whether it’s degrading music, movies, TV. or people.  In order to love you must love yourself and begin to feel comfortable in your own skin.  Be your own best advocate by doing what you already do with intention.  If you like music but listen to offensive lyrics, throw in one uplifting song a day. I feel it’s too hard to proclaim a change in a schedule when you already feel stressed and out of control.  Listening to a song is something most of us can do without stretching ourselves.  I don’t think it’s an accident when one of your favorite things comes along your path in a day, pay attention to how it makes you feel. Sit with it while it lasts and then go back to being melancholy if you must, but eventually you will tire of looking for spoiling to occur after every good thing.  Your emotional well-being is your responsibility to trust Daddy God with.

I had to laugh when I heard this song the morning I wrote this, it was a direct nudge on my heart from heaven.

“Innocent” by Taylor Swift

I guess you really did it this time, Left yourself in your warpath, Lost your balance on a tightrope, Lost your mind tryin to get it back.                                                  Wasn’t it easier in your lunchbox days?  Always a bigger bed to crawl into.  Wasn’t it beautiful when you believed in everything? And everybody believed in you?   It’s alright, just wait and see.  Your strings of light is still bright to me.  Oh, who you are is not where you’ve been.  You’re still innocent.  You’re still innocent.  Did some things you can’t speak of.  But at night you’ll live it all again.  You wouldn’t be shattered on the floor now.  If only you had seen what you know now then.                 Wasn’t it easier in your firefly catching days?  And everything out of reach, someone bigger brought down to you.                                                                                          Wasn’t it beautiful runnin wild til you fell asleep? Before the monsters caught up to you?  It’s okay, life is a tough crowd.  32 is still growin up now.  Who you are is not what you did.  You’re still AN innocent.                                                                                 Time turns flames to embers.  You’ll have new September’s.  Every one of us has messed up too.                                                                                                                     Lives change like the weather.  I hope you remember.  Today is never too late to BE brand new.  Lost your balance on a tight rope.  It’s never too late to get it back.                      You’re still an innocent, You’re still an innocent.

I never did feel innocent as a child.  I never looked up to the authority figures in my life because they couldn’t be trusted and taught me not to trust myself.  But I trust myself more and more each passing day and I’m taking back my childhood.  It is my right to view life through the lens of healing and now I choose too.  Daddy is with you at all times and in the midst of your pain.  He is your remedy.

I no longer subscribe to the pain moving around in my body as being demonic or a spiritual attack of infirmity or affliction because I have been delivered of the strongman; what I do address is that deep wounding’s surface in our bodies and manifest as an indication that further emotional healing needs to take place.  I generally let someone pray as they feel led over ailments that show up in my body, and I simply let them off the hook if they go chasing a demonic root when they have not been delivered; it is just how the church does things.  Whatever Holy Spirit chooses to reveal through their words of knowledge or pictures and prayers that discern the root cause of pain I can agree with and seek truth for any lies that I believe.  It is here, the place of our belief about being ill that will progressively remove many layers of faulty thinking and inevitably bring wholeness if we let it.  But what most think about demonic assignment, demonization and curses is the real issue.  Foundationally these subjects create fear in themselves because many disregard their validity, and equally as many go looking for them under every rock.  Even if you have not gone through a prophetic deliverance experience where delivered Christians look into the spirit realm and see what stronghold has kept other demonic forces attached to your emotional pain, deliverance is your right.

If God the Father created us out of dirt and Jesus was the carpenter who built a house of love for our heart to reside, then Holy Spirit can reveal truth that is unknown, so we can humbly receive what we cannot do for ourselves. Every person is a spiritual being made in the image of Christ; therefore at any stage of your journey with God, you can connect with the innate need for His strength to heal and deliver when you have run out of options. Jesus is the ultimate source of peace and love that trumps self diagnosis, root causes and familiar cycles of shame, ailments or family strife.  He is in the business of equipping the saints for an end-day church that will not reside in a building, but who gather prophetically to set His children free.  To seek Him is to know Him, to know Him is to become like Him.  Your wholeness is dependent upon Him.

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